Maternity/Family Pictures

We took some pictures at the end of April.
Here's a few of my favorite ones!
Chloe will be taking some pictures soon.
I will post them as soon as I can!

Here's Beau being a dinosaur, "ROOOOAAAARRR"

Jumpin' on the bandwagon...

We've jumped on the blogging bandwagon! I thought this would be the best & easiest way for all of our friends and family to check in on us. Especially those who aren't as close as we would like them to be. My in-laws just left for a year long trip in their motor home (hi, Nana & Papa!). At least now, day or night, they can check the website and see the babies! Okay, so we only have one baby - Isabelle & Beau aren't quite babies anymore.

Chloe is now one month & not doing much. Just the typical baby stuff...mostly eating, sleeping, pooping & being soooo adorable. She's such an easy baby or maybe we feel more relaxed this time around! I prayed for a happy girl & that's what we've got so far!

Beau is my boy! Right now all he can focus on is this new Lego set he wants. It's a "worker" truck and trailer, which means means it's some type of construction set. I don't know if he (Joey or Beau) will be able to wait another couple of months until his birthday. I love to see him playing Lego's, because I can just see the little wheels turning inside his head!

Isabelle is our little go-getter! She just taught herself how to ride a bike. One day we were sitting there talking the next moment, she is on her bike and just started riding. She's so amazing! She loves being outside and playing...and she loves to swim! She does dives & flips into the pool. If you call her a fish, she'll tell you she's a mermaid.

Joey came home for lunch the other day & Isabelle was sitting on his lap writing and spelling things out using her Magna Doodle. Joey is left handed and let's say he "encourages" the kids to use their left hands. Isabelle uses the right & left very well. Joey pointed to her right hand and asked her which hand it is and she replied, "the right one" and then he pointed to the left hand and asked her the same thing and she replied, "the wrong one". Our little comedian!!!