Just like dad...

I've just got to share this picture of Beau's truck & house boat. He built it all by himself and he was quite proud. I think that the base of the boat may have already been constructed by daddy, but Beau says that he did it and I wouldn't be surprised- he's become quite the little builder & creator of trucks, planes & trailers (some of his favorite things). Beau was so excited for daddy to come home & see it! We are so proud of our little guy! So here it is....Beau's masterpiece...complete with a little driver!


Well, Miss Chloe had her 2 month appointment. She's a whopping 11 pounds 5 ounces and 22 1/2 inches long! She gained 3 pounds this month and grew an inch & a half. She also got her shots and I am hoping that she won't have a bad reaction and that she'll just be sleepy today. We had a follow-up appointment for Isabelle, because she's had a problem with spitting up (acid reflux). It seems crazy for a 5 year old to be spitting up, but it has become a real problem. The Dr. put her on medication a month ago and it's helped some, but not as much as the Dr. would have liked. She referred us to a specialist. We will see her in August for some GI imaging. Her stomach has also been bothering her. This is another symptom of acid reflux. I hope that they don't find anything serious. We will be trying out a new prescription medication, but it may not be covered by insurance. I really don't like the idea of Isabelle being on medication (indefinitely???) and am at least looking forward to getting some answers about the reflux. Isabelle is such a trooper. She never complains about it. She tells me when she spits up and that her tummy hurts, but then she's still in a good mood and happy (for the most part).
Beau didn't have an appointment, but did get some medicine for a bit of eczema on his face (Chloe has eczema as well...not baby acne as I had thought). Overall, I think they are all doing well even though there's always a bump, bruise or runny nose!

Oh Happy Day!

I did it! I got a picture of Chloe smiling! We are looking foward to many, many more of these! She's so cute!

Crazy Day!

What a CRAZY day...only because of me though. Chloe had her pictures today & I mixed up the time and we were so late. Thankfully, my photographer was able to make it work for us. She's the best. I can't wait to post Chloe's pictures & send out her birth announcement. A lot of you have asked about the Maternity / Family pictures we took. If you are interested here's her website. It's www.bellavitakids.com. The photographer's name is Aime. Please tell her that I recommended you to her!
Chloe is sooo close to smiling (she smiled in her sleep for one of the pictures today). We are all anxiously waiting. When other people hold her & she hears my voice she tries to find me with her eyes. I have to say it makes me feel so good that she's so little and attached to me already. She slept 7 hours last night! Woo-hoo!
It's so ridiculously hot here right now. Even the pool is not that refreshing. The kids spend want to spend all day in the pool. I don't blame them, but it's been difficult with the baby. I really don't want her in the sun or this heat right now. Beau insists that Isabelle can "keep track of him" while I'm inside feeding Chloe. Speaking of feeding Chloe...

4th of July

What a fun 4th of July! Swimming, root beer floats, cupcakes, my niece's 1st birthday party, a water balloon toss & fireworks! The kids had a blast!

I just had my 6 week appointment and Beau asked if the Dr. was going to put baby Chloe back in! Isabelle & I started cracking up. I reassured him baby Chloe is here to stay!

Chloe had her first dip in the pool yesterday. She didn't like it much as you can see, but she looked adorable in her cute swimsuit!