I was getting ready this morning in the front bathroom and Joey came in to wash his hands after he changed baby's diaper. I asked him where Chloe was (hoping she still wasn't on the changing table) and he laughed. I walked out in the hallway to see Chloe hanging out in the corner. Joey, haven't you seen Dirty Dancing? Nobody puts baby in the corner.

Pictures of the kids


go daddy!

We love Haley!

Uncle Michael made Belle & Beau's
day by coming out to the game!

Oh, man! We went to Joey's HS Alumni Water polo game and let me tell you it was HOT. It was miserable outside. The kids and I didn't really even watch, because I needed to keep the baby in the shade. Joey did score 2 goals (woo-hoo!), because he's (still) awesome!!! He had a blast and wishes he could play more. Uncle Michael brought Haley out and the kids were so excited to see both of them. In fact, Beau decided he needed to take some photos with my camera. Little stinker. I told him not to play with the camera, but he still got a few in...man he's fast and not a bad little photographer. The only one he didn't take was the one of Joey!

Preschool boy!

I really can't believe it. The house was so quite this morning! Beau went to preschool. I was pretty sure that he would do well, but sometimes we just don't know with him. He's such momma' boy (and daddy's boy, too) that I was a bit worried. He did awesome! He was so happy to see his friend Dakota. He didn't even say good-bye to me. He just went right in and made him self at home. I am so proud of him. He's come a long way! He said, "he played with the tractor & the dump truck and talked to a boy - he's not a stranger - he's a nice kid". His teachers said that he did well. This was a concern for me, because I wasn't sure I wanted him in the Green Room (this is the pre-kindergarten room with 4/5 year olds - the same room Isabelle was in last year). I wanted him to start in the red room (3/4 year olds), but it just so happened that the Green Room is young this year. There are quite a few kids just turning 4 in the next couple of months. Speaking of turning 4...Beau is so excited for his birthday next month. He keeps telling me what he wants...it's something new every time, but it usually involves something with wheels or legos.

Kindergarten Cutie!

Isabelle went to kindergarten! First off, let me start out by saying we didn't get any good photo's, because I was totally running late and had to drop Joey & the kids off and go find a parking spot...far away. We should have walked but Joey was in his work clothes and it was already HOT! So...I have 2nd day of Kindergarten photos. First day photos just didn't turn out. Considering that was the worst thing that happened I think we can call the day a success!

Isabelle and all her classmates lined up outside their class and sang us a "good-bye" song. There were no tears from Isabelle, mom, dad or Beau (or Chloe). Just smiles, kisses & hugs good-bye. It was a bit emotional for that fact that we can't believe Kindergarten is already here...where did the time go?

Isabelle is wondering why she has to go to school everyday. I kept telling her that it would be everyday, but I don't think she quite understood it until now. We are definitely in new territory. I feel like I am in the car all day in & out especially if we run errand before we pick her up. I am enjoying being back in a routine. I am really excited to see Isabelle learn new things this year. It's going to be lots of fun!

Tag You're It!

I've always loved good game of tag or the never ending Collins version of it - Gotcha Last! Here's a little blogging game - I have been tagged by Ruthie to share 6 of my many quirks with you. Here goes...

1. This the first one that immediately popped into my head - I cannot go to bed with dirty feet. It drives me nuts. On the same note...if we have clean sheets on the bed, showers before bed are a requirement. Joey thinks I am a weirdo, but I remind him that I am his weirdo, to which he replies, "oh, yeah"! I just think it's so nice to have nice crisp clean sheet & be nice and shiny (as my kids would put it) when you slip into bed.

2. I just LOVE a good sale. It goes beyond just finding a good deal. I am talking shirts for $1.99, shorts for $0.99, dresses for $3.99. I scour online deals, malls & outlets. My kids can put on one of their outfits and I can tell you how much I paid for it. It seriously makes me happy to find a good deal. And if someone compliments their clothing...I have to tell them how much I paid for it. I am not saying all our clothes are red tag items, but I usually always look for some kind of deal. A couple of people told me about some good sales at the outlets and I almost went, but I really didn't need anything. It was killing me not to check out the deals - although it's really not a deal if you don't need it in the first place.

3. What's better than a good sale? FREEBIES! Oh, Yeah! Joey & I both love going to grand openings for new neighborhoods to eat free food, bounce in the bounce houses (for the kids), enter in the give-a-ways, and of course check out the houses. My parents are always making fun of us for this, but we are on a mission.

4. I don't know if this counts as a quirk or just a pet peeve...I HATE it when I am at the movies and the theater is practically empty and a complete stranger comes and sits next to me! Same thing at the gym with the treadmills. All these empty machines and you need to work out right next to me? Really? Auggh!

5. I love to watch TV and I love pop culture. I love E!'s The Soup with Joel McHale! It's so hilarious. They poke fun at all of the ridiculous things on the tube. It's about time someone pointed out how ridiculous some of these celebrities behave. They even have a fun bit going on with Keith Olbermann right now!

6. I cannot stand to mix fruit in anything but a smoothie. I don't like fruit pies, fruit chunks in yogurt, fruit salad (not yummy, yummy) and the worst is in cereal. Don't like it, don't like it one bit. Don't even get me started on dried fruit.

Let's see...I am going to TAG Katie, Kim, Suzanne, Nana & Jennifer

Beautiful Pink Cleats

Isabelle had her very first soccer practice today. Even Beau was excited about it. They have both been trying to wear their shin guards out when we run errands. I kept telling them no, because it's just way too hot. We went and bought her new cleats today and they had to be pink, of course. The practice was short and fun for the girls. Isabelle was excited to just be out there running around with girls her own age. Beau is her #1 fan...even more so than mom & dad. If you watch the video you will hear him cheering her on. It's very cute. I had to walk home a few minutes early to feed baby, but they got home a few minutes later...I asked Isabelle if she had fun. She did. She said, "It's hot, but at least I looked beautiful". She seriously said that to me. I would be worried about her being too vain, but that comment was directed solely toward her shoes. She thinks they are so beautiful. Last year a little girl had pink cleats and that's all Isabelle could talk about...she really wanted pink ones this year and I couldn't say no. I am glad she has her beautiful pink soccer shoes.

Rock-a-bye baby...

Sweet Chloe sleeping!

Chloe slept in our bed one morning for her nap and Isabelle & I were looking at her sleeping so sweetly...just as I was thinking how much I love her Isabelle says, "She's so cute, I want to keep her forever." I love to see how much my kids love each other. I hope it never changes.