October 2nd - Chloe well baby check up 15 lbs. 6 oz!
Gets some shots
October 3rd - drive to LA for my good friend Mary's wedding
October 4th - drive home
October 7th - MOPS day
October 8th - old house closes!!!
October 9th - new house close start moving!!!
October 10th - father son camping trip - Beau got to go
with the guys (and loved it) and my niece Sarah's birthday

October 11th - Isabelle soccer
October 12th - guys come home move more stuff
October 14th - completely moved out of old house
and into new house
October 16th - pumpkin patch with Preschool
October 18th - Isabelle soccer
October 21st - MOPS day
October 22nd - Joey's birthday!
October 24th - my dad has surgery
October 25th - Isabelle soccer
October 26th - Gendron/Klinovsky/Spradling get together!
October 28th - Josh's birthday
October 29th - working on school project
October 30th - my niece Allie's birthday
& Beau's preschool Halloween party
October 31st - Isabelle's school project due & class party. Beau & I volunteered in her class. It was a lot of fun! Beau even got participate in all the activities!

Barfing Pumpkin

Happy Halloween! I received an email with this picture today I thought it was creative & funny. It just makes me laugh when I look at it!

Little Red Box

Isabelle has been wanting to make a video for Nana & Papa for some time now. She & Beau want to know why they are "camping" for so long. Isabelle sang me this song on the way home from school today. We decided she had to do a Nana & Papa version of the song.

Beau made up a version, too.


We're home! Our new house definitely feels like home. Everyone has transitioned well. I will post more later. Here's a picture of baby. Adorable!