Back in May when I was on bed rest Adam & Stephanie had the kids one day and Isabelle came home saying that Beau could ride a bike with no training wheels. I didn't believe her and she kept telling me that he could. Then my niece Allie said that he really rode by himself - my mom said she saw him, too. Since then we didn't really work on it, because if we played outside it was mostly swimming or he would ride his Razor scooter. Sunday afternoon Joey got Beau on the bike and he just took off. Now Beau rides his little princess bike like a maniac! It's so cute. He's really amazing.

I wanted to take video of him today, so we could post him on his cute pink princess bike with his Lightning McQueen helmet (he's stylin'). Isabelle wanted her turn to make a video as you will see her checking out the camera instead of the road and this is what happened...

(no children were hurt in the making of this video)

They thought it was funny, got right back up and wanted to try it again. Mommy didn't like that idea.

Our precious girl is 6 months

Chloe is 6 months old! I can't believe it. I have been so bad at documenting the first couple months of her life. This kid doesn't even have a baby book yet.

We had a couple firsts...the first feeding as you will see from the video below...we all thought it was the cutest thing ever! Chloe has her first real cold. The Dr. says she's okay, but says it may get worse before it gets better. Poor baby. She's miserable and so tired. She coughs and coughs and wakes herself (and me) up all throughout the night. She also just (2 minutes ago) sat upright for about 15 seconds all by herself. Beau was holding her and decided to try and make her sit up...then I hear, "look mommy...Chloe's sitting up all by herself" and she was sitting there like a big girl. She smiled at me and then fell over. Now it will only be a short time before she can truly sit unassisted.

Chloe still loves to coo and babble to the kids and mommy & daddy. She also LOVES to blow spit bubbles all the time (noisy ones). She's so precious, we all just love her so much!!! She's such a joy!

Happy Birthday Nana!

We already sang Happy Birthday Cha-Cha-Cha over the phone today, but here's a little something else for you! Hope it was a good day. We miss you. We love you XOXOXOXOXO...hugs and kisses from us all!



so cute...need I say more?

Dozin' off...

My brother Josh has been a huge help in our moving process and now he is painting for me. The kids just love having him here. He is so patient with their constant requests to help him.
Chloe is being trained early to love legos.

Isabelle just love to read, spell & draw. She's really blossoming in Kindergarten. I am so amazed at how much she's learned in such a short time.

death by paint sample

The sad thing is I have 2 more walls in the living room like this...and pinks in the girls room and blues in Beau's room. Every color looks different on each wall and at different times of day. I have got to pick a color. I keep going out and bringing home more paint swatches in the same colors! I've gone to Benjamin Moore, Kelley Moore, Lowes, Home Depot, gone online and borrowed paint from friends! I have finally picked the colors for the kids rooms, but my living room color changes every day. Sometimes more than once a day. Last night we liked #1, this morning #3 and right now I'm leaning towards #5. I am going to pick a color by tomorrow and stick with it...or at least go buy the paint so I can't change my mind anymore. Wish me luck!


"Ahhhh! It's a bee - she'll sting you!" That's what Isabelle & Beau said about Chloe's costume!
Coo-Coo & Chloe
Papa giving kisses to the sweet bee!
Mommy & a very tired Chloe

The Little Mermaid (in her make-up and hair bangs - just like Ariel) & Batman