Hit & Run

Long story short.......some one backed into my passenger side door(s) while I was driving yesterday and then took off!!! I was able to chase them down and get the license plate to give to the police. I had to go file a report at the police station and all! Thankfully, I am not hurt and the kids weren't with me. I continually pray for protection (and will never stop) for our family. I am really bummed out that this happened, especially on Beau's birthday, but I was determined not to let it ruin his birthday celebration!

He's 4?

Time flies...I really can't believe Beau is a 4 year old boy now! He's not a baby anymore (nor has he been for a while). Since we are in the midst of chaos (boxes, trying to move etc.) I didn't plan a party, but Beau kept talking about his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's....so I had to make some last minute calls and some very good friends were able to make it even though it was last minute (thank guys...you made his day!). Beau was thrilled! He had a blast. I am so glad he felt special. Joey even got up early to go get donuts for breakfast! He decided on a special dinner of pancakes and bacon. He even got to help prepare it using & got to wear his new race car apron! When Joey got home from work we finally let him open his gift from Nana & Papa...I wish I would have recorded his reaction....it was sooo cute! He got Lego's (a life guard truck, boat & trailer) and it was "just what he wanted". He screamed with excitement. He even got to stay up later than normal to "help" daddy put it together! I am glad Beau had a special day...he's such a special little guy and I always want him to know how much he's loved!
Today I went to his preschool class to have his "party" there...I brought in Cocoa Puffs. It was a big hit...everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was fun to see Beau at school, too.


Isabelle is turning out to be quite the little soccer player. Two weeks ago Isabelle announced before her game that she would score a goal....and she did! She was soooo happy. It was neat, because my parents, uncle Josh & Sarah & Kayla, Auntie Stephanie & Allie were there to see it. It was very, very exciting! I was happy to see that she was just as excited to her her teammates score goals as well. She loves TEAMWORK (thanks Wonderpets!). So, Saturday I was putting her hair back and she said she didn't want to play. She would rather walk and not run! I told her girls that walk don't score goals and she decided she wanted to score a goal. She went out there and ran her little heart out and she scored 2 goals! There's so much improvement in all the little girls each week. It's so much fun to see them play.


Isn't she a doll? Auntie Nicole got baby her "my first doll" and the kids and I wanted to take some cute photos of baby and we thought her dolly would be fun.

Chloe is changing everyday. She found her feet and is grabbing them at any chance she gets. She also rolled over about a week and a half ago. I was giving the kids a bath and Joey put her down and left the room...when he came back...she had rolled over and we all missed it. We were bummed, but we've all seen it since.
One of my favorite times with her is right after a feeding...we sit on the couch and play. She is in the best mood -"milk drunk" is what I call it. She smiles and laughs at me and the kids. She coos and talks. It's so sweet.


Playing Dolls???

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this....Beau asked to hold Chloe and Isabelle happened to be playing with her baby doll that day...

Purple Flames

Isabelle had her first soccer game today and it was very cute to watch. She still just like to run after the ball and not get too involved with the action. She did get it a few times and then managed to dribble down the field. She does not like to be hot and it was hot today at 10:30. I really think she will be a good soccer player as she learns more about the game, but I think her strength will be in the water. Joey has worked on the freestyle stroke with both the kids. At the beginning of the summer it looked like a lot of flailing and thrashing around in the water, but I saw Isabelle do it yesterday and she did really well! Back to soccer...she was more happy about the cute ribbon one of the moms made and the snacks, but at 5 years old that sounds about right. She was so cute to watch and she said she had so much fun. As long as she's having fun, we are happy!

Precious boy

Beau is just really blossoming into such a big boy. We can already see a change in him since preschool started. Beau was never very social on his own, but he would play with other kids if Isabelle did first. He usually likes to play with girls...he just started playing with boys and he made some new friends at school. I kept asking him their names, but he couldn't remember. So, every morning before I dropped him off I would remind him to ask his friends their names. Last week he said, "Mommy, I played with Bock (Brock) and Jermy (Jeremy), I kept it in my brain!" He was so proud that he kept their names in his brain. It was so precious. It's amazing to think about where he was last year in his development. He just started talking in full sentences around his 3rd birthday. He will be 4 in a couple of weeks. Lots of people said that all of the sudden his language will just take off and it did. It was like one day he said one or two words to communicate and then next he was speaking in sentences to communicate.

One morning I stayed at preschool a few minutes to talk with the teacher and just watch him for a few minutes and he sat down and did a puzzle so quickly it even surprised his teacher. He just loves building things and putting them together. It was a fun treat to see him in his preschool mode!


Our house has sold and we finally (after seeing many houses and changing our minds 5 million times) made and offer on a house. It's already finished and we are planning to close as soon as possible. It's a 4 bed /2 bath home at the end of a cul-de-sac. I love it! It's got almost everything I want. We had to make a few compromises, but I am very excited and can't wait to move in and get organized. Our house we are in now should close at the end of September. I am praying that everything works out and both closings go smoothly.