Girly girls

I promised my mom I would post these pics of the girls. My mom got Isabelle her "Big Sister's Rock" shirt when Chloe was born and Chloe got a "I Love My Big Brother" shirt for Christmas. I just had to take some pictures of them...they are so beautiful!

kissing sissy

Chloe is still trying to get her balance sitting up all by herself


We hope you & your family had a special day together.
Here are a few pictures from our busy couple of days...
Christmas Morning at our house

It wouldn't be Christmas without Lego's for Daddy & Beau
Daddy and his girls!

Gendron Family Christmas at the Spradling's house. Everyone (even adults) must sit on Santa's lap to get your gifts!
Chloe playing with the gift wrap.
Santa & baby
Christmas PJ picture!
Belle & Sarah at the Collins Family Christmas a couple days later. Adam & Stephanie were gone this year, so we waited for them to get back to celebrate Christmas "morning".
Kayla, Chloe & uncle Josh (somewhere back there).

Cookies & Elf

Yesterday morning I got up early and finished my Christmas shopping. Hallelujah! I was able to enjoy the rest of the day with the kids. Yesterday was cookie day. I baked the sugar cookies last week and froze them (I can't do it all in one weekend) for this Saturday. The kids love to eat the frosting and decorations. Beau lost interest after a few cookies and Isabelle lost interest when she was full.

We ended the night watching ELF in our PJ's & sleeping bags. We all cracked up at Will Farrell. I made popcorn and hot chocolate. Chloe feel asleep at the beginning of the movie so I put her in her bed. Our laughter must have work her up again...she must have known she was missing out. She feel asleep on Beau's sleeping bag. She was just happy to be out there watching the kids laugh and be goofy! It was a fun night. It might just end up being a tradition!

Gendron Chatter

Here's some of our chatter from the last couple of weeks:

Mary - "Chloe's diapers are getting too small."
Joey - "I just think her butt is getting bigger."

I pretend to be appalled, but laugh, because he is right. Although it's not really just her butt...she's just getting so big so fast. She's just about 19 pounds (7 months on the 24th).

Beau - "Can I watch Poo-Poo Panda?" (that's Kung Fu Panda)
Isabelle - "Does Santa get any presents for Christmas? I think we need to get him something."

Chloe hasn't said much, but she did growl at Isabelle the other day. I suppose it's because our kids (and Joey...okay and sometimes I do too) are ALWAYS trying to scare each other by Roooooaaarrrrrinnngg when they enter a room. Anyway...Isabelle and I started cracking up. I wish I would have captured it on video!

The Friendly Beast

I am the Donkey shaggy & brown...I carried his mother uphill and down.
Beau's preschool performance was was very, very cute as you can see from my fuzzy picture. Beau didn't want to sing and was practically glued to his teacher, but he did very well. He's definitely not the performer in the family, but that's fine by me. Isabelle enjoys this stuff much more. I had to shush her many times, because she kept trying to sing...she gets to do a performance on Friday at school for us. Beau will be much happier watching. He's a pretty cute donkey...stubborn, but cute!


Here's some pictures of sweet Chloe. My mom has been missing her since all my kids were sick. Isabelle & Beau threw up last week. Thankfully Chloe, Joey and I didn't get it. But my mom stayed away so she wouldn't get sick and missed her horribly. Here' some pictures for Coo-Coo!

Here's Chloe in her Little Sister outfit for Family Picture day.

Here's Chloe at the Christmas Parade. She only dozed off once during the parade. She had a blast. She even got a little sticker Jr. Police Badge.

Here's daddy & baby. It was freezing and damp that night as you can see from the camera.
This morning is my first morning with both kids back in school and I should be cleaning my house right now. Chloe is feeling better each day, but still has her cough. I am hoping she is better by Christmas.

Sick girl!

Poor Chloe! Yesterday she had her 6 month well baby and had a little runny nose, but was fine (so we thought). The Dr. said her lungs were clear and ears looked good...a few hours later she was so sick. She woke up from her nap with the worst cough. I took her in again today and she has RSV and an ear infection. She has managed to crack a few smiles for us and even laughed at the kids today. She was getting cranky, but after a warm shower with mom she's sleeping soundly with her daddy on the couch (hopefully for a while).

What happened? Oh, you don't want to know...

Beau fell off his bike. Yes, he had a helmet on. Yes, he has a new helmet that covers his whole face and just has an opening for the eyes. This is the second "bump" he's gotten in about 4 months. The first one was on the Razor.

Day 1 - too horrible to take a picture. even beau cried at his own reflection in the mirror.
Day 2 - so swollen
Day 2 -side view
Day 4 - starting to get black & blueDay 6 - today is getting better. his eyes are losing the black & blue and getting yellowish. should be back to normal in the next couple of days.
How many more of these are we in for? Eventually he won't cry when it happens in the future, but I probably still will...


On Wednesday afternoon my kids begged me to go to the park, but it was cold and the baby had been really sick and was napping. So we decided to do some crafting. We made a "thankful" box and took it to my parent's house for our Thanksgiving feast. Everyone had to write something that they were thankful for and then we had to guess who wrote what. It was very fun. On Thanksgiving morning we painted the kids hands and made turkeys. Isabelle and I decorated them while Beau and daddy played PlayStation. Chloe's little hand print is so tiny! Her "turkey" turned out really cute.
A family portrait on Thanksgiving day!
Trimming the tree. This year it was Isabelle's turn to put the angel on top of the tree. Isabelle was quite the helper this year. She had a lot of fun helping set up our Christmas decor. Her favorites are the ornaments and the nativity. I got the kids the Little People Nativity, because they kept playing with my (breakable) one. I think this is the 3rd year we've had's the cutest. I would invest in one if you don't own one!