Santa has come and gone...

stockings (new robes for the big kids & new pj's for Chloe)
digging for more stuff
scattering reindeer food on Christmas Eve

What a whirlwind this Christmas was for our family. We had a PARTY at my parents house complete with appetizers, drinks, turkey, ham and even a little karaoke contest. We all got a prize....even the kids! It was a fun night. We also found out that my grandma decided to drive over Christmas morning!
Christmas morning the kids were up at the crack of dawn. We opened stockings, read Luke chapter 2, had donut holes and opened presents. Then we were off to my parents house for a sit down breakfast and some more presents. My grandma was bombarded by kids the moment she walked in the door. Every one was excited to see great-grandma. The boys played poker, the girls chatted while the baby slept and then we headed to Fresno for more festivities. We ate more food, Santa handed out presents to all the boys and girls! It's always a hoot! Chloe is not a fan of may take her a few years. The boys (and Isabelle) wrestled and played all night. It was a day full of family and fun. We were so tired when we came home to the mess we left, but so worth it! I love Christmas. Crazy & busy, but the best memories! : )

Family Silhouettes

My Family from

Christmas Eve

My house if filled with excitement!!! I have 3 kids running around like mad. They have been this way since Monday (the first day of vacation) and it's making me a little crazy. I have to remind myself that I used to be the one making my mom crazy. Needless to say, I am starting to feel their excitement. I love to see their excitement in the morning when they announce how many more days until Christmas. We've had parties, shopping, school performances, the seeing of the lights, baking, delivering Christmas goodies, Christmas music & movies, and last, but certainly not least - church! I try to remind my kids (and myself) that it's not about the gifts under the tree, but the gift of a newborn king, who came to this earth to live among us, teach us, love us and redeem us! That is our gift! Tomorrow is Jesus' birthday & I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with your families! Happy Birthday Jesus!
Merry Christmas!

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! 2 Corinthians 9:15

18 months...

checking out the new chairs
her new reading spot
she's so cute that I might have to have another
The pantry is her all time favorite place to hang out.

Chloe is 18 months now and into everything. She is funny & cute as can be!!! She is still not saying much, but here's a few things:

belly button
ooohh bubba (ooohh baby) - which is by far the cutest thing I have ever heard!
all done
ho ho ho
oh yeah
all right

Those last 3 came from Isabelle - they learned "boom-chikca-boom" at school.

She says a lot of things in her throat...I think she's trying to say it, but she can't just yet. I think Beau used to do too. He didn't talk until he was 3. He said a few words here and there, but no phrases and no sentences until he was 3. Now he won't stop talking.

Chloe also sings the Star Wars Theme song. It's pretty funny. You think we watch enough Star Wars around here? Goodness Gracious!

Chloe such a good baby (except for the teething - teething and sleeping do not go hand-in-hand at our house). She is flexible with her schedule. She adores her siblings and even playing wild & crazy with them. She eats just about anything and she's a happy little thing!

I have just a short period of time alone in the day when the kids are at school at the same time & Chloe's napping. I try to get as much done around the house as I can...not today. Today, I am on the computer. The house is a mess. I haven't taken a shower and I have laundry to do.

Updated update on the Reflux..again

Well, little miss Isabelle was supposed have her EGD twice now. Somehow, the hospital gave the 9th away to another Dr. so we rescheduled for the 16th. She ended up getting the flu on the 11th so we cancelled. Good thing we did because she threw up on Monday (that would have been the procedure day). I finally just rescheduled it for January. The holiday season is so busy anyway. It would be nice to have it done and over with, but oh well...

My Three Lambs!

Check it out a new blog for my cards...

mini soccer player

When big sister doesn't put her things sister usually gets into them...

"put me in coach...i'm ready to play"

Isabelle - Reflux update (another one)

It's been over a year now since we've been treating Isabelle's reflux with a specialist. The Dr. says it's time to do an endoscopy since Isabelle's reflux symptoms are under control. They will be looking at her esophagus, stomach & part of her intestines. They will biopsy her esophagus. She will be sedated and shouldn't remember a thing. It's about a 1/2 hour procedure, but we will be at the Children's Hospital for about 3-4 hours. It makes me a bit nervous for the fact that she will be under anesthesia and there are some risks (as with any procedure). Isabelle is in great hands with her doctor. My hope is that Isabelle will not have a lifelong problem or any of the complications it can cause over the years.
The endoscopy will be November 9th sometime in the morning. We will know about a week before the procedure.

Here's an update on this update - Somehow the Dr.'s time slot was given away for the 9th and we got moved to the 16th. Isabelle is not feeling well now (sore throat, cough, head hurts) and she cannot have the procedure if she's sick. She also cannot have any tylenol or motrin 1 week before the procedure. If she doesn't feel better today I will cancel it and reschedule it for the first of the year. I really don't want to do it in December (it would have to be the last week of school before Christmas break), because there's always so much going on and I don't want her to miss anything fun.

Disneyland fun!

Well, the boys are home from the happiest place on earth. One of the first things I did (besides give hugs & kisses) was download the pictures. I loved them all, but these ones had me cracking up!
Beau & Joey saw all 4 Star Wars shows. They were all the same, but it made no difference. He was so excited.

Look at him just watching as Vader approaches.

Can you see his excitement?

..and here it comes. Joey noticed that Beau does this all the time. Takes his fingers and holds them up. It took him a while to figure it out. He's using the Force to squish Vader. This kid is funny.

Now he's using the Force on Darth Mol

These are some kids he met. The boy wanted Beau to sit by him and the girl kept trying to kiss him.

My handsome boys!

I can't believe he's 5 now!

Joey said he was spinning this like a madman. I believe it. I can see the craziness in his eyes. I know that look well.

Nap time.

the invitation..

Here's Beau's birthday invitation that I made in Photoshop.

I've actually made a this card for 2 other boys before Beau's party. Why reinvent the wheel? I just changed the names & party info. Beau couldn't have been happier!

Making cards all started a couple of years ago when some good friends asked us to make a birth announcement for their son. He's going to be 3 this year!!! Where does the time go? I love this kid (Sam)....he's the funniest kid ever.

Here's their newest addition, Sef. He's the so cute. He likes to spit up on me.

So, this is one of my hobbies...this and digital scrapbooking! I cannot even tell you how great it is to scrapbook without the MESS! It's so me. I hate scrapbooking with papers & sticker & tape and........
when I found this I was in-love with it! I've caught everyone up to their first birthday now! I just haven't printed the pages. And I don't really journal. Does it still count as scrapbooking then? It's about all I can muster for now. My goals is to have their books done by the time they move out. I hope that gives me enough time.
I'm so excited for Christmas card season! I would love to make a card for you, too. Let me know if you ever want one. I can make the Costco size that you buy in sets. I'm also working on postcards (with printing on front & back). a little sidetracked! Back to my boy! He's at Disneyland right now. This very second and I'm sure he's having a blast! I sure am missing him (and Joey)!

Beau's Star Wars Party

auntie sue & the birthday boy
papa & parker
playing ring around the rosey...all by herself!
chloe & carter
auntie sue getting bombarded!

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...
oh...this pinata! my neighbor gave it to me. it was used....we made it work though!
group shot! just a little bit of the craziness
slip n slide (the girls chillin in the pool)

It wasn't even a question in my mind. I knew Beau wanted a Star Wars party this year. He loves Star Wars. His friends at school all love Star Wars. We don't have a day that passes in our house that the phrase doesn't get spoken at some point.
We had 9 boys, 2 girls & 2 babies over here Sunday. It was wild! We got the slip-n-slide out & the baby pool and they had foam "light sabers" (pool noodles cut in half). There was lots and lots of dueling going on. It was seriously crazy. Then there was the pinata and pin the sticker on the Death Star or something like that...
Beau got lots of new Star Wars toys. He got a "gun" and I am sure there is a name for it...I don't know it, but it's huge and makes lots of noise. He woke up this morning at 6:30 and started blasting away. All Joey had to say was "Beau" and he turned the sound off until everyone was awake. Joey & Chloe were the only ones still in bed. Joey finally had to wake up baby girl at 7:30! 13 hours of solid sleep! She was so tired from the party. She was on the slip n slide with all the boys. She's really has no fear. She was relaxing in the baby pool with mayhem all around.
Isabelle had a blast running around with our neighbor, Brooke, and all the boys. She fits right in and enjoys playing with her brother & his friends. I was surprised that there were no major incidents to break up. The kids all did really well and didn't argue. They were wild and crazy, but well behaved if that makes any sense? It was nice to have Joey's sister, Suzanne (Auntie Sue!!) & her hubby, Shaun there. Joey's parents were able to come, too. Reinforcements are always nice at a birthday party!
Well, our sweet boy is with daddy on their way to Disneyland! He was so excited for his birthday trip! I am sad I don't get to be with my boy on his 5th birthday, but I know he's going to have sooooo much fun. Isabelle decided she wanted to go and shed a few tears. It must be hard to know they are going to DL, but she already had her birthday trip in March. I kinda figured that would happen at some point today, but she recovered quickly when I told her she could have an ice cream sandwich. I know Beau is really excited. I hope he gets some good sleep so he can last until the fireworks! I can't wait to hear about all the fun!!!

Little Miss Independent

my girl!

Yes, that's right. Little miss independent...or so she thinks! Isabelle is now doing her own hair in the morning (yikes). She wants to know why she can't use the curling iron or flat iron by herself (double yikes). She wants to know if she can wear make-up in high school. She is 6 going on 16. She loves it when I stay in her room at night and talk with her. I don't do it very often, but I think I should try to do it more....before she doesn't want me to anymore!
She has two boys in class that give her notes. This does not make us very happy...1st grade is too young for all that silly stuff. We told her she can be friends with them, but that's it.
Isabelle is also very, very creative. She loves to cut, paste, staple, tape and glue. She made a 'paper doll' outfit the other day all on her own. She didn't trace anything. She also gets a little carried away with pens...I've found marks on walls, doors, clothing and her siblings. She's been put on restriction from pens for a while. Pencils, crayons & washable markers until she can prove she knows where to draw. I LOVE that she's still the same....she's always been this girl. Always. She was always into my make up as a baby, writing on her brother, and loved to color at an early age. She's always been sweet and happy, too!

My Big Boy

my blue eyed boy!

I am really proud of Beau. He has come a long, long way! He only cried a few days for Kindergarten drop off, goes to MOPS and church with no more tears and his big milestone...he doesn't wear a diaper at bedtime anymore! He forgot to put it on one night and he was fine. He decided he would wear underwear to bed from now on. Just like that. : )

This is all very 'Beau', because he does everything in his own time. There is no forcing him to try something new before he's ready. He weaned himself from nursing at 8 months, then from formula before his 1st birthday, he decided to wear underwear the summer before his 3rd birthday....and now no more night-time diapers. There's no bribery involved (I would have used it - if it would have worked).

Another thing...he's really getting better and better with his Lego building. He replicates ships from Star Wars, trucks, trailers and so on. At first, I thought Joey had built them for him, but to my surprise it was Beau! It's so great to see him grow up from this baby to toddler to little boy. Now if I could just slow time a little...


She's debating whether or not to sit down...
my mischievous girl
...and she's up.

She knows she's in trouble and doesn't care...

Chloe has found a new hobby. Every time I turn around she is running on the couch. I tell her to sit. She sits...for a second or two. Then she stands back up and starts running along the cushions. If she weren't so cute I wouldn't have to take pictures of this naughty little creature. Now she likes to straddle the side arm of the couch (no pics of that one yet) and looks like she' riding a horse. She's fallen off a couple of times, but that doesn't stop her from wanting to try again. And again. This little girl loves adventure. She is constantly making us laugh.

She has joined the ranks of "wild animal" just like her siblings. She tries to jump and her little feet don't even get off the ground. So then she will try to bend her little body lower & lower to see if she can get a bigger jump.
Earlier this morning she was looking at one of Isabelle's "big girl" books and laughing to herself. I wish I knew what her little brain was thinking! I love those moments when I catch her in action...she doesn't know I am watching or listening and she is in her own little world. So precious.
Her words right now:
Bubba / Beau
No-No (so far only once)

She will not point to her nose or eyes, but she will take your finger and point to your nose or eyes. She will "woof, woof" like a doggie. She loves, loves, love peek-a-boo. Still. I don't see that changing anytime soon. She also loves hide-n-go seek. She always gives away the kid's spots. I guess that makes her more of the seekers big helper.

I love my little stinker!