Isabelle's first date!

Last night Joey asked Isabelle if she wanted to go on a date with him and of course she said yes.   Joey got tickets to the Women's Fresno State Basket Ball game.  She was so excited when Joey walked in from work.  She wanted to leave before he could even change out of his work clothes.  She had to wear her "daddy's girl" shirt (even though she should have worn red).  I am sure she's having the best time eating ice cream and having special time with her dad.  

She's Mobile...

She's-a-crawlin' (sorta).  She hops forward mostly, but she sure can move!  She really got going on Valentines day and Joey recorded this video.  Leave it to him to film her rear...

On Sunday we drove to Old Sacramento to the Railroad Museum and we all had a blast.  Chloe was very easy on the way up and was more than happy to be strolled around as long as she could see the kids.  Afterwards, we went outside and walked around Old Sacramento. It was cold and rainy, but so fun.  I bet the kids will remember it for a long time!  We stayed with our friends (the Fasani's) so the kids could play.  Isabelle had been asking to see Haven and Beau wanted to play with Trey's gun.  That's all he could talk about and it was the first thing he searched for when we walked in.  The boys (including Joey) ran around shooting darts at everything.  Beau & Trey actually played with each other this time instead of following around the big girls.  Haven & Isabelle colored, drew pictures, played Polly's, Pet Shop, they did hair & played with the babies.  Faith & Chloe loved to laugh and smile and steal each others toys.  Our kids actually slept very well and us adults were able to visit and watch a movie.
"pretending to buy train tickets"
my beautiful girls waiting 
wow!  big trains

3rd child

Poor Chloe.  She is the third child.  No baby book, no photo album and her mom & dad didn't even notice her first tooth.  Joey & I kept checking for her top teeth, because her gums are swollen (since Christmas).  Yesterday we discovered she already had a tooth on the bottom.  Chloe is such an easy girl.  Even when she's fussing she's easily soothed.   She loves to watch the kids play and they equally love being watched by her.  Isabelle really has a knack at making her laugh.  Just plain silliness is what Chloe loves most.  Chloe is so close to crawling that it scares me.  I am not ready for her to be into everything.  It's been a long time since we've had a least one that gets into stuff.  Beau never needed the baby proofing (a simple no-no stopped him).  Isabelle on the other hand was into everything.  I think Chloe will be in between if not more like Isabelle in that department.  Back to Chloe crawling....she can get onto all fours from sitting position.   She also rolls so fast.  I will put her down and then she rolls her way over to the tile in the kitchen or the entryway.  She loves the tile...maybe the coolness of it, the grout or that it has different colors in it.  She also likes to lick it so its a good thing I use vinegar & water on my floors when I clean.  Chloe is a talker.  She loves to yell, scream and babble to us.  She also mimics our sounds.  At first I thought it was a fluke, but yesterday after I sneezed she copied me (not the facial expressions, just the sounds).  No dada or momma yet though.  I am okay with dada being fact Beau called both of us dada forever.  It took him a long time to find his "m" sound.  Chloe continues to be my "whatever" baby....meaning - skip a nap?  Whatever.  Have to wake her up from a nap?  Whatever.  Doesn't get a bath tonight?  Whatever.  Still wearing yesterdays pajamas?  Whatever.  See what I mean?  She continues to be flexible and goes with the flow....thank the Lord.  She is so sweet.  She reminds me of both Isabelle and Beau.  It's really neat to see her siblings in her and see her own personality develop.  Stay tuned...I am sure I will be posting soon about crawling. 


This morning on our way home from dropping off Belle at school Beau was trying to show me the picture he drew on his leapster.  He said, "mommy, look at my picture of you" to which I replied, "cool" or something like that...I feel bad, because I really didn't see it very well because I was driving.  Then he said, "don't you know you are beautiful?"  It was so sweet.  It just made my heart melt.