As of late, my little Beau has surprised me with his funny little antics.  He has quite the memory.  About a month ago when Isabelle sprained (more like twisted) her ankle she was laid up on the couch and we found the movie Annie (I love On Demand).  So she watched it ten million times that day.  The next morning Beau woke up and in his most serious voice her warned his sister, "ISABELLE, I am NOT watching Annie again."  The look on his face was as serious as his voice.  It was pretty cute.  So you would think he didn't like Annie, but a few weeks ago when I was making dinner I hear Beau singing, "WE'VE GOT ANNIE" really loud and then "we've got Annie" in his softest voice.  Now if you've seen the movie you know what part of the Movie Beau is copying.  It's when what's her-face (grace?) asks Daddy Warbucks if they can keep Annie and he says yes - then she & the rest of the staff break into this song and dance.  Not only that, when I asked him to do it for Joey, he did the moves as well!  We were all cracking up.

So know their new favorite movie is High School Musical.  I thought it was Isabelle who had it all memorized, but not so.  Today on the way home from picking up Beau, Isabelle informed me that she didn't want to play soccer again (sniff, sniff), but wants to try something new, like basketball.  She said she just needs to get her head in the game to which Beau started singing, "Git, Git, Git you head in the game..." which is from HSM where the boys are singing about Troy & his apparent lack of interest in the big game (yes, I watched it).  He also has some hand motions for that song as well.  Oh, my little boy!  Isn't her a riot?

Birthday galore!

Party, party, party!  Isabelle is 6!  We started the celebration on St. Patrick's day with a family dinner for my dad's birthday (feb), my birthday, Kayla's & Belle's.  I made a yummy soup, we had salad, bread sticks, & cold stone ice cream cake.  It was all so good.  The cousins ran around like mad and surprisingly enough didn't make that big of a mess.  Gifts were opened with squeals of delight (from the kids mostly)!  Isabelle was so excited to get High School Musical.  I think she already has the movie memorized.  Good food, family & fun. 
Wednesday I brought cupcakes to Isabelle's class.  My mom came with me to see the adorable birthday bonanza they get to perform.  Isabelle go to pick 6 kids to be the "candles", about 8 kids to be the cake, & then the rest of the kids in the class are her guests.  The "candles" (arms up hands together) get "lit" by their teacher, the "cake" all hold hands and then they all sing happy birthday.  Once the normal way and once the silly way (happy birthday, cha-cha-cha) while they wiggle on the cha-cha-cha's.  To end it, Isabelle's teacher held her up to blow out the "candles" to which all the "candles"  and most of the "cake" fell on the floor.  It was really adorable. 
That night we got to wake up Isabelle (at 8:30) so her & Joey could leave for Disneyland.  They get in free on their birthday this year!  What excitement, then concern for Beau who would be sad her couldn't go.  She got over it pretty quickly though!  Off they went to Auntie Denise's house!  Joey said they got to Disneyland when the park opened and stayed until 9:30.  Almost a full 12 hours there...they were so tired.  Joey sent me pictures of them throughout the day from his blackberry.  Isabelle had "credit cards" from Nana & Papa & Auntie Denise (just gift cards).  She bought a Cinderella dress, tiara, wand & purse.  Some princess bath toys, a birthday hat & even a light saber for Beau.  The light saber is awesome, too.  Beau has it 24/7 now.  It is on his dresser next to his bed while he sleeps.  I thought it was so sweet that Isabelle spend some of her own money on Beau.  I know that she missed him, but Joey said it was nice to have some special time alone with his girl!  He said it was such a fun, fun day. 
The last Party was today.  Her "fancy Isabelle" party (after the Fancy Nancy books).  I did her hair special, put on a fancy dress, we painted her toenails and she even got fake press-on nails to wear (even though they kept falling off).  I let her wear one of my "fancy" necklaces that she always begs to wear.  She looked very beautiful, even though she doesn't need anything fancy to be beautiful.  I had to remind her of this this evening when she asked if she could be fancy everyday.  She sure does love the dress-up, make-up and jewelry.  Girls!  All her guests were dressed fancy -all in dresses -  some with jewelry, some with scarfs & boas 7 tiaras!  It was really cute.  They ate parfaits, put on some make up & made bracelets.  I am glad I planned activities, because it really made the time fly and my house wasn't turned upside down with toys everywhere!  It turned out so nice...short and sweet for mom, fun-filled for the girls! Whew, I am tired..I am so lucky to have the best husband...he didn't make me cook dinner after all that!

Chloe's first camping trip

So we finally went camping after months of Beau begging to go....We went with my parents, the Feierbach's and the Farris'.  Beau was so cute and a tiny bit annoying on Thursday afternoon, because he kept asking me over & over & over & over again if we could pack up the trailer.  He just couldn't wait.  Friday morning he opened his shutters first thing just to check on the trailer to make sure it was still there (it was).  He helped me pack the trailer Friday morning while Bellie was a school and Chloe slept.  We were able to make it out by 2:30, picked up Allie and headed off to Pismo.  It was a pretty peaceful trip.  The kids watched a movie & Allie taught me how to text the "fast" way on my cell phone.  Isn't that cute that I have to ask my 11 year old niece how to do things on my phone?  Chloe actually slept okay for her first night in the trailer, not as well as I hoped, but okay.  Saturday morning we ate some sugar cereal I bought especially for camping and then we just played for a while until we went to go see Gramma Collins & Auntie Trisha.  We had a nice visit until Chloe started to fuss a bit.  I wished we could have stayed longer, but we'll just have to go back again soon for another visit.  We headed back to the campsite for Saturday Lunch...yum - Nathan's hot dogs.  Chloe took another pitiful nap while the rest of us stayed outside in the cold wind.  The kids decided to go for a swim in the heated pool.  They are seriously crazy!  Slowly everyone made their way back to the campsite and the kids played and I got to visit with the girls here and there.  Chloe decided to stay up until about 10pm on Saturday night.  Most of my night was spent trying to get her to sleep.  She even spent sometime out by the campfire with daddy that night.  I didn't get to do as much visiting with everyone as I would have liked, but as we camp more the easier it will get and Chloe will adjust to the trailer.  My kids were sooooo tired.  Beau laid down on the couch today while Isabelle was doing homework and fell asleep.  I didn't even tell him to lay down either.  He's worn out!  I am looking forward to the next trip already...I must be a tiny bit crazy!

totally tuckered out!
coloring at 7am...still too cold out.

Allie & Chloe snuggling home crawlin' around!


Okay, before I post about our camping trip I just have to vent about something.  I was at Costco today with all 3 kids.  Chloe was buckled tightly in the cart and Isabelle & Beau were walking beside me.  This older lady stops me all of the sudden and I am silently wondering if Chloe dropped a shoe (even though she wasn't wearing any) or something from the cart.  I stop and she comes over and says, "Let me see her face".  I was thinking "WHAT"????  She even tried to physically turn Chloe's head toward her.  I stopped her and gently turned Chloe's face to me.  Anyway, she gets in Chloe's face and starts touching her arms and hands.  Instinctively I grabbed Chloe's hands and held them in mine.  She kept trying to touch her and get her attention.  Chloe wasn't too amused by this lady and started to fuss, but the lady kept looking at her, the big kids and then me.  She told me they have my eyes.  I was trying not to be rude, but I really didn't have time to waste in the middle of an isle while my kids were hungry for lunch.   I was so annoyed.  Why do complete strangers think it's okay to touch babies & toddlers?  It really bothers me, but I never really know what to say (I know what I want to say, but it's not very nice) to people when this happens.

Oh Brother!

Chloe loves her big brother!  I just thought this picture was so sweet.  Chloe loves to feel like part of the action.  If she can just hang with her big sister & brother she's pretty happy.  I just love how she's resting her little face on his head.  A milestone was hit today...she stood alone for 10 seconds.  I am hoping she will be content to crawl for a while.  She also didn't cry when they drew blood today at her Dr. appointment, but she did cry when the Dr. checked her with the stethoscope.  She's a lot like both the kids as babies - the tough girl, Isabelle (no tears for needle), but then a lot like Beau who cried just at the sight of the Dr.  She really is a quirky little mix of personalities!  I just love her so much!  

Whew!  It sure has been crazy around here.  I've been so busy (on Facebook!) that I haven't had time to sit and write about our happenings.  Last week we took the kids to the snow.  This is not my favorite thing to do, but he kids love it and I really don't want to miss out on the fun.  We drove up to Shaver for the day and did some sledding & snowball fights.  Chloe did well despite the fact that she had ear infections and a runny nose.  The girl is a trooper.  She's always up for whatever is going on.  She's such a good baby.  
We had appointments all week and I was so tired.  Isabelle's school was doing a Green Eggs and Ham breakfast at school and I just couldn't bring myself to take the 3 kids by myself at 7am.  Isabelle decided green eggs & ham are disgusting and didn't want to go.  Thank the Lord!  I was relieved I didn't have to be up early!  Yesterday we went to sweet Parker's first birthday party.   The kids were so looking forward to it.  They had a blast...except for the part where Isabelle sprained her ankle in the bounce house.  I didn't know she had hurt herself until a while later.  She was inside playing on the computer with the boys and she kept telling me her ankle hurt.  I said she was fine.  It wasn't until Suzanne made a comment that she was crawling around.  So we looked at it and sure enough it was swollen.  Poor girl.  Other than that she had fun.  So she resting with an ice pack today.  Beau had quite the time...there were tons of boys and he just had a blast with his new friends.  He didn't want to leave.  They were playing cops & robbers and wrestling.  It was cute.  Chloe was so good.  She played with Parker's presents and crawled around.  She is such a sweet, easy baby.  We are so blessed!