Stage Fright

The preschool that Beau goes to had their 10 year anniversary this year and the church had a celebration "open house" and all the preschoolers were invited to sing during their service this morning.  I asked Beau all week if he wanted to sing and his reply at first was no, but then he changed his mind and said he wanted to sing.  I kept asking him and his answer stayed a firm yes!  So, we skipped our church service this morning and went to to see our boy sing!  I asked him right before they were called up to sing if he was ready and he said YES!!!  As soon as the pastor called the kids up he had a change of heart (I figured this would happen) and Isabelle walked him up and stayed for a few seconds.  He was not happy about her leaving.  It was pretty funny.  I got it all on video.  I can't watch it without laughing out loud!  
He tries to bail out and come back to sit with us so I sent Isabelle back up to the stage.  She keeps trying to leave and you will see him say just have to watch!  It was so cute.  Isabelle is truly the big sister, mother hen & her brother's protector.  And he is happy to have her by his side.  I am glad they have that relationship.  I hope they are always that close!
Joey sat in the back with miss cutie pie Chloe and he said she was a good girl...she loved all the clapping!  

guess who this time?

We had a reception to go to in Newport Beach on Friday, so Joey's sister (Auntie Deni) babysat the kids.  It was hard for me to leave, because the baby ran a temperature that day and was not feeling well.  I am so glad that we were able to go to the really was fun! (Thank you Denise!)

Beau fell and hurt himself on Friday night while we were gone.  He was climbing on the bunk bed...later he told us he was trying to be Spiderman (I guess I should be thankful he wasn't trying to be Superman or it could have been a lot worse).  I feel bad, because even though it was a little swollen we weren't too concerned with it.  I gave him some medicine and he he stopped complaining.  When he woke up this morning (Monday) he said it didn't hurt anymore.  I needed to take Chloe to the Dr. (she has a really nasty cold) and the Dr. told me Beau should probably get an X-ray.  He  cried his eyes out when he heard the word X-ray.  Sure enough...he has a buckle fracture right above his growth plate. I am SO thankful that Joey's new office is by the Dr.'s office, because I could not have been able to take Beau in for the x-ray or the cast.  He will need to be in the cast for 4 weeks.  It's strange to me, because Isabelle broke her arm completely in half, had surgery and needed pins in her arm and only wore a cast for 3 weeks.  Go figure.  
When my mom asked Beau this morning how our trip was, he told her, "FUN.  Really fun!"  He talked about swimming, eating ice cream & playing.  Not one word about getting hurt!  He said the worst part of the weekend was having to leave Auntie Deni's!  : )  In fact, both kids were not happy about leaving...

I love him

I just have to post this, because I have the best husband in the whole world.  He drove all the way home (okay so it's maybe 7 minutes) to give this to me, because he knows how much I LOVE these...
It was completely OUT of his way, too.  Thank you, babe!