mini soccer player

When big sister doesn't put her things sister usually gets into them...

"put me in coach...i'm ready to play"

Isabelle - Reflux update (another one)

It's been over a year now since we've been treating Isabelle's reflux with a specialist. The Dr. says it's time to do an endoscopy since Isabelle's reflux symptoms are under control. They will be looking at her esophagus, stomach & part of her intestines. They will biopsy her esophagus. She will be sedated and shouldn't remember a thing. It's about a 1/2 hour procedure, but we will be at the Children's Hospital for about 3-4 hours. It makes me a bit nervous for the fact that she will be under anesthesia and there are some risks (as with any procedure). Isabelle is in great hands with her doctor. My hope is that Isabelle will not have a lifelong problem or any of the complications it can cause over the years.
The endoscopy will be November 9th sometime in the morning. We will know about a week before the procedure.

Here's an update on this update - Somehow the Dr.'s time slot was given away for the 9th and we got moved to the 16th. Isabelle is not feeling well now (sore throat, cough, head hurts) and she cannot have the procedure if she's sick. She also cannot have any tylenol or motrin 1 week before the procedure. If she doesn't feel better today I will cancel it and reschedule it for the first of the year. I really don't want to do it in December (it would have to be the last week of school before Christmas break), because there's always so much going on and I don't want her to miss anything fun.

Disneyland fun!

Well, the boys are home from the happiest place on earth. One of the first things I did (besides give hugs & kisses) was download the pictures. I loved them all, but these ones had me cracking up!
Beau & Joey saw all 4 Star Wars shows. They were all the same, but it made no difference. He was so excited.

Look at him just watching as Vader approaches.

Can you see his excitement?

..and here it comes. Joey noticed that Beau does this all the time. Takes his fingers and holds them up. It took him a while to figure it out. He's using the Force to squish Vader. This kid is funny.

Now he's using the Force on Darth Mol

These are some kids he met. The boy wanted Beau to sit by him and the girl kept trying to kiss him.

My handsome boys!

I can't believe he's 5 now!

Joey said he was spinning this like a madman. I believe it. I can see the craziness in his eyes. I know that look well.

Nap time.