Tooth fairy

Isabelle finally lost her first tooth last night.  It's been loose since Christmas.  Joey pulled it out and Isabelle jumped for joy.  She was so excited she couldn't sleep (I think she was trying to stay awake for the tooth fairy).  When she woke up this morning she found a $2 dollar bill under her pillow.  Before she even got out of bed all we could here was "Money, money, the tooth fairy left me money!"  She came running down the hall yelling.  It was very cute!  I so remember that feeling...
Last night before we went to bed our little skeptic, Beau asked me if the tooth fairy is real.  I asked him if he thought it was real and his answer was yes.   So I told him yes.  He's very afraid of fictional characters coming into our house at night.  He woke up on Christmas Eve and was afraid to come down the hall.  When I heard him in the hall and came to see I scared the living daylights out of him...he ran back to his room crying and hid in bed.  I had to convince him that I really was mommy and NOT Santa Clause.  I thought he would have been afraid last night to go to sleep, but he was too tired to be afraid.  
Isabelle is sharing her wealth this morning and going to buy donuts for her and Beau...I think daddy is actually going to pay, because he doesn't want her to spend the $2 bill.  She's such a kind girl wanting to buy donuts, she actually said she would take us all to breakfast tomorrow!  If only $2 would buy us all breakfast!

8 things about me

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8 Favorite TV shows:
1.  Lost 
2. Scrubs
3. How I Met Your Mother
4.  Heroes
5.  Prison Break
6.  Grey's Anatomy
7.  Rules of Engagement
8.  Almost anything HGTV

8 Things I did yesterday/what a wonderful life I lead:
1. Cleaned my house
2. Spent time with family
3.  Made a dinner that my husband LOVED
4. Snuggled with my kids
5.  Got to have a date night with my husband
6.  Did the dishes
7.  Went to WinCo with 3 kids
8.  When asked what the worst part of my day was...I couldn't find an answer.

8 Things I look forward to:
1.  Time alone with my husband
2.  Days when the kids play without fighting
3.  Taking the kids somewhere new
4.  Camping
5.  When all the kiddos are in bed asleep
6.  Disneyland
7.  Christmas Lights
8.  $1 scoop night at Baskin Robins

8 Favorite Restaurants
1.  BJ's Pizza
2.  Famous Dave's
3.  Me N Ed's 
4.  In & Out
5.  Cafe 225
6.  Cold Stone
7.  Alejandro's
8. Baja Fresh

8 Things on my Wish List:
1.  Pool
2.  Shopping Spree
3.  Healthy kids/husband/family
4.  Going to Hawaii
5.  Free car washes for life
6.  Maid
7.  That I could get my hair washed and styled everyday
8.  Personal Chef/Nutritionist

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When Isabelle broke her arm, Beau put toothpaste on her toothbrush for her and rinsed a bit of water on it and would set it out for her....just to be nice he said. 

Beau found a Polly Pocket shoe on the ground and Isabelle ran to tell me, "it's a good thing Beau found this so Chloe won't choke."  I agreed.  And Isabelle said - "Problem Solved"  she sounds like her daddy...

Isabelle sings America the Beautiful at school every morning and comes home and sings it for me...the first time she did it I couldn't stop laughing (not being mean).  Here's what she sings...
"O Beautiful for SPACESHIP SKIES..."  

Beau was playing with the Lego's and kept telling Joey he couldn't find the axle...just imagine what that sounded like...if Joey hadn't been home I would have thought Beau was saying some thing naughty.  

Beau came up to me the other day while I was folding and told me he needed to "nuggle" - I couldn't resist snuggling...laundry can wait!

Joey held his arms out to Chloe the other night and she reached up for was so precious!

When Chloe is really happy...she smiles the biggest smile and her little nose pinches up...her whole face is smiling!  If that isn't happiness...I don't know what is...

the girl is a superhero

Isabelle got her cast off Tuesday!!!.  Joey had told her what would happen...that they would use a small saw to get it off.  He was very detailed and told her it was just for casts and it wouldn't hurt.  Isabelle was okay with it, but told me Monday night, "I'm a little nervous to get my cast off."  I reassured her she would be fine and tried to get her excited about having 2 "real" arms again!   We go in and the nurse starts sawing away and Isabelle is laughing and chatting with the nurse.  When she saw the saw she told the nurse it didn't look like daddy's saw in the garage.  I think that was the picture she had in her head and she was very relieved to see such a small saw.  We walk across the hall, get it x-rayed, walk back all the while Isabelle is still baby-ing her arm, because the pins are still in there and as you can imagine it's very tender.  The doctor came right in and told us the arm looked great and she should have full range of motion in a couple weeks.  He pulled the pins out and let me tell you it was gross.  I couldn't watch, but Joey did, of course.  Joey & I were so impressed with our brave little girl.  She is a champ...she flinched at first, but that was it.  I don't know where she gets it...not from me.  Her arm has these small holes where the pins were and her elbow looks a little swollen.   The doctor seemed happen with the way it looked and we'll see him again in a couple of weeks. 

Our girl is brave and kind...she asked the nurse for 2 lollipops, one for her and one for beau.  then she asked for a sticker for Chloe.  It makes my heart so happy when are kind to each other.  So I promised our super girl ice cream for being so brave.  She wanted Cold Stone.  By the time we picked up Beau & Chloe it was dinner we decided to ice cream for dinner (yes, dinner).  In my defense we had chicken and carrots for dessert.  I think if you are brave and you can handle pins in your arm for 3 weeks and don't shed a tear over them being pulled absolutely without a doubt deserve ice cream!  Joey met us there on his way to play water polo and the kids couldn't wait to tell him that I gave them ice cream for dinner.  They just thought is was the best thing ever.  It was, too.  I loved it! 

big fat zero

So, today I am batting zero.  Not just a zero, but a big fat zero and here's why:
~I got a new haircut (love it) that Joey will not like, but he will at least be nice about it
~I gave Isabelle pudding this morning at 8:30 to make up for the itch in her cast that she couldn't scratch and according to her it really helped.
~My brother babysat for me and the baby was supposed to sleep, but she didn't.
~I fed the kids milkshakes for lunch, because I needed to run errands and I didn't want to hear them complain that they were hungry while I got the oil changed in my car (apparently ~milkshakes do not help with the itch Belle can't scratch).
~It's almost 3 and my kids still have not had a decent lunch because they are too full from the milkshakes.
~Beau is watching Star Wars instead of taking a nap.
~I have been on the phone or on the computer since we've been home and have not done any house work.
It's just one of those days...


Isabelle is healing quite nicely.  The doctor said her cast can come off on January 27th!!!  That's less than 2 weeks away.  Yeah!  She doesn't complain anymore about pain...just a little itchy sometimes.

monkey bars

It's official.  Isabelle is now in the broken bone club.  She fell off the monkey bars at the playground yesterday.   She told Joey, "Daddy, we need to go home right now.  I hurt myself"
As you can see she really hurt herself.  She broke her right arm...right in half.
When they got to the ER Joey asked her how she felt on a scale of a happy face to a sad face...she pointed to the happy face.  She said it wasn't too bad unless she moved her arm.  She's so tough...that girl!  Joey called to say she needed surgery.  She has 2 screws in her arm and a cast.  I was able get there before her surgery and it was sad when she wanted us to go in with her.  We shed a few tears (just Isabelle & I).  The surgery went fairly quick, but it still took a long time (if that makes any sense). We were home by noon (today) and she's pretty happy.  She still needs a little bit of help getting comfortable.  She hasn't complained much, but that's pretty normal for her.  She got some specials visitors last night (Coo-Coo) at the hospital and today Nana & Papa came with gifts!  Isabelle is cuddling with her new dog "Haley".  Uncle Adam, Allie & Brooklyn came with a Littlest Pet Shop Horse & ice cream.  It was a long day for all of us and we are so thankful to be home.  Isabelle is so brave!  I just hate it when my kids are in pain...and there's nothing I can do to make it better.  I wish a kiss could make everything better!