that's right...

Most of you know Beau rides a princess bike, but it was too small so the neighbor (Brooke) gave Beau her old Barbie bike.  It's pink, but just the right size.  He was so very happy about his "new" bike.  He doesn't think twice about the fact that it is a girl bike.  He doesn't care and I am thankful for his great attitude.  Yes, we would rather have a"red bike with hot fire" (his exact words) on it, but he's happy to have his own big bike to ride.  
We go to the park just about everyday (they ride and I run).  The other day there were some kids playing and a little girl kept asking Beau why he was riding a girl bike.  He just ignored her and kept riding, but Isabelle did NOT like the little girl "making fun" of her brother.  She told the girl, "don't worry about it.  just don't worry about it" and then rode off.  Isabelle didn't yell at her, but just very firmly, very calmly took care of the situation.  I was really proud, because she wasn't sassy, but she stuck up for her brother.  It makes me smile.  What a good sister.  

Chloe's 1

I blinked and my baby is 1!  How did that happen?  We celebrated with a the big party at 'our' park with some family and friends. We were so happy to have everyone there to celebrate our girl...she's such a blessing!  
I can't begin to tell you how much I love her...she's the sweetest baby.  She's just a happy girl!  At about 11 months she woke up from a nap one afternoon and just decided she would walk everywhere.  She is very, very fast now and I love to watch her maneuver her way around the house exploring new things.  She's become very good at pivoting and turning around with ease.  She doesn't need any assistance in getting herself off the ground anymore.  She doesn't need the wall, coffee table or mom!  I think she is going to be athletic & have great balance.  The other day we were at the model home by our house and she walked over to the stairs and climbed up so fast.  I am so thankful we didn't buy a 2 story.  She's definitely a climber, just like her siblings.  She also tried to climb into her stroller the other day.  I just pray she will stay out of the "broken bone club".  
Chloe just loves for people to "scare" her (thanks to daddy).  If you roar in her face you won't see tears, but a big toothy grin.  She actually expects that from Joey before a kiss.  Joey has done this to all the kids and they all love it...Beau loves it so much he did it to a boy on the playground.  Beau did not get the response he wanted...the boy didn't think it was fun...he started crying.  I guess not all kids like it?  Go figure.
Chloe loves kisses, too.  In fact, I was holding her the other day and Joey walked up to us leaned in and gave me a kiss.  Chloe was sure he was trying to give her a kiss and he was leaning in for my kiss.  She of course had to wait her turn!  She loves her daddy, she especially loves to YELL his name...all day...even when he's at work.  It's pretty cute.  So now when we walk down the hallway we stop and point to him in the picture and she kisses him and then proceeds to yell, "DADA" at the picture.  
Chloe is pretty mellow, content and easily occupied, but when she gets excited you can see it all over.  When I go in to get her up from her nap she is so happy that her arms and legs flail wildly and then she tries to "run away" from me in the crib.  She gets her happy "nose-crinkle" smile and then lets me pick her up.  Surprisingly, she then wants to be snuggled a bit.  I love that she's independent yet she will still let me snuggle her a bit at this age.
Chloe is such a GOOD baby.  It amazes me.  She knows which cupboards she can get into and which ones are off limits.  She still will run down the hall after we tell her no and pick up things that she's not supposed to pick up.  The other day I was trying to give her more lunch and she shook her head 'no' at me.  I was so happy that she understood what it meant.  She was really done with lunch.  She also will nod her head 'yes' when she wants something.  Knows what she wants...that's my girl. 
I am a little sad about how fast the first year of her life went by in such a blur.  I have also had a lot of fun watching her grow and interact with all of us.  It was a much different experience this time with a 4 1/2 & 6 year old.  Isabelle was still a baby (18 mo) when we brought Beau home.  I love to see the 3 of them together and how much they love each other.  It makes my heart so happy!  I love, Love, LOVE them so much!!!