Back to school

Isabelle is all smiles and ready for the first grade.  Her teacher is super nice and I've heard wonderful things about her from many different people.  She is going to have a baby in about a month.  I am kinda bummed that there will be a sub in there for a while.  Oh well.  Isabelle is very adaptable to change.  I think she will be fine.  

Beau is a Kindergartner!  It is very strange to be dropping him off at 11:30 and not at 8am with his sister.  It will take me a while to get in the swing of things.  Chloe is a little off schedule, but still a happy little girl.  I can't complain too much!  : )
No tears the first day, but day 2 required me to pry his little arms from my neck, hand him over to the teach and then get out of there fast as I could!  I just can't linger, because it makes it worse.  He was fine when I picked him up.  The tears don't last I've been told!  I know quite of few of the other moms & kids from this class.  I think it's going to be a great year!

Not to be left's my little "gross" girl after eating mac n cheese for lunch.  She was filthy!  

San Diego

Last week we went to San Diego.  I was determined to go to a nice, warm beach.  Not that we don't love going to Pismo, but the water is so cold and It's usually too windy and cold to really enjoy it. Since my mom grew up in San Diego and her family is down there she used to take us every summer.  We always spent time at the beach and I have really good memories those times!  
We were able to stay with my cousins which is always fun.  One has a little boy the same age as Isabelle and my other cousin has a 3 year old girl...just as busy as Isabelle was at that age!  We even got some adult time thanks to my aunt & uncle.  The kids were all so good.  They had a lot of fun playing and staying up way too late!  We all were so tired when we came home, but it was a good tired!  
We went to the beach Friday and Saturday.  We went to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas...what a fun beach.  The kids had so much fun playing in the sand, digging holes, "body surfing", eating snacks and making new friends.  Isabelle made friends with a girl who had an extra boogie board.  Isabelle was a natural out there...I'm not surprised...but impressed as usual.  Her natural athletic ability (especially for all things that involve water) and fearlessness never cease to amaze me!  Beau loved the water and went in with his new friend, too.  He seems to be getting over his shyness and fear of new things everyday.  It's so nice to see him grow out of that...slowly!  Beau was sure he wanted to boogie board, but once he got in the water he changed his mind.  The board was too big for him and he wasn't quite sure how to mange it in the water. Chloe was so good, too!  Friday she spent a lot of her time in the stroller.  We let her get out and play in the sand and water, but she seemed pretty content to just sit and watch and nap!  Saturday was a bit different.  She wanted nothing to do with sitting still.  She played in the sand, she "laid out" on the beach towels, she discovered she could go down to the water all by herself.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sit and relax since I had to chase after a very brave 14 month old who wanted to spend her time down by the water.  She did take a nice little nap for me in the stroller again.  She was pretty tired!  
We were also able to have breakfast with one of Joey's friends, Mike (from his Cuesta days) and my friend Alice came down to the beach one day.  It was such a treat to see friends...we don't get to see them often enough.  We are definitely going to have to spend more time in San Diego. 
Even if it does take 10 years to get down there....we only had to stop 4 times.  The trip home went much better, but still....3 kids in a car - 2 with small bladders - makes for a long trip!

love this one!
let me out! 
she likes the waves.  she is a beach baby.  we should live at the beach!  if only...
charging the water...not afraid at all. 
totally worn out!

beau was in and out of the water all day.

to climb or not to climb

Why, oh why must I have climbers?  The other day Beau found Chloe on the black cube in her room looking out the window and playing with the shutters (she used a box of diapers as a step stool).   Mommy's worried and Daddy's proud.