2010 rocks? It will take me half the year to not date things 2009. I feel like January is almost over...how did it get so busy? I don't even have a new desk calendar yet to keep track of it all. Isabelle has a check up next week (1/20) before her EGD (1/25) at the Children's Hospital. Chloe has her 18 month check up (1/27) two months late. She will be 20 months on the 24th (what?). I just signed up to work in the church nursery once a month, haircut, basketball..and I am sure I am missing a few things.

I do have to say that it's nice to be back in a routine, but Isabelle will miss at least a day for her EGD. I am anxious, but also ready, because I want answers. My poor girl is in pain and medicine does not always control her Acid Reflux. I am so proud of her for being so brave. She is such a happy kid. I love to watch her, because her whole face lights up when she talks & smiles...and she smiles a lot! She just so happens to be a great big sister, too. Sometimes she takes the 'job' to seriously. She's a bit too sensitive. Chloe hurt herself a few months ago while she was in her room. We didn't see what happened, but all the sudden she was screaming that horrible cry - the cry you know isn't good. We all ran to her, Joey checked her over and I had to calm Isabelle down, because she was about to get hysterical. She cannot handle it when her siblings or anyone she loves is in pain. I don't like to see her upset, but to me it just means she is so caring...it makes my heart happy! : )

Fishing at the Delta!

Beau was beyond excited to go back to school. He missed his buddies (as he put it). It's bittersweet to see him so much more independent than he was even from last year. We signed him up for basketball, which I wasn't too sure about, but I am so glad we did. He's never played any sports and it's been great for him to get out there, learn something new & be on a team! I think he just might be the most adorable boy alive. His uniform is too big, he sucks his thumb during games and he doesn't know all the rules, but he loves it! We went to buy him shoes and I was watching Joey & him walk out to the car - it struck me as such a sweet moment. Big tall daddy with a little 5 year old boy carrying his new box of shoes. Beau had the biggest smile on his face. I wish I had a camera at the time to capture that moment.

To0 cute!

Chloe is a bundle of energy. She LOVES her siblings so much. Playtime with them is her favorite time of the day...besides breakfast, lunch and dinner! She misses them while they are at school and runs to them and throws her arms around them when we pick them up. I love to see her growth - learning new things & new words. I recently taught her please (the hard way). She's been screaming/yelling when she wants something and that just doesn't fly in the Gendron household. She buckled herself into her booster seat at the table and screamed to get out. I wouldn't until she said please. It took her about 5 minutes before she gave in and said it. It's just he cutest little "puh". She's not a big talker yet, but I am glad she finally mastered please! Chloe's also a daddy's girl, but Joey recently grew his beard out over Christmas (he took a week off) and Chloe wouldn't kiss him. She kissed his cheek and hugged him, but none of those scratchy kisses for her!

Chloe spending time with sissy!

We camped at the Delta (just outside of Stockton) the last week of Break. It was cold & foggy, but the kids don't care. They just like to camp. Chloe didn't sleep great and ended up getting pink eye, but other than that it was fun. We especially like sitting by the campfire! My parents were in Pismo camping and said it was in the 70's and sunny....we need to take a trip there again soon. We are overdue for a trip and it's always nice to see my grandma.