Party on!

I'm 31 and couldn't be happier. My birthday was just another ordinary day in my extraordinary life! I woke up next to the most handsome husband....I'm so lucky! Isabelle sang "Hippo Birdie" (hippo birdie to you, hippo birdie to you...) complete with arm motions and a smile. Beau and Chloe kept me entertained all morning. However, my most favorite part of my day having Joey take me, just me, out to dinner. We talked, we laughed, ate and drank without one interruption. Now that's a treat! Our food was so good and I got a free dessert....birthdays really pay off! The dessert was bread pudding. I'd never had it before, but I like, I love it and I want some more of it.
The birthday celebration continued with breakfast with my mom & sister the next day and a plethora of errands (woo-hoo). Friday I prepared for Isabelle's "not quite a slumber" party! It was fun, but I ate too much junk food with the girls. Pizza, soda, candy, cake, chips, cake and homemade ice cream (thanks to Coo-Coo). We painted the girls nails and then I got the most beautiful manicure & pedicure from them. : ) My nails look fabulous! We played a few games and then sent them home to come down from their sugar high. I was pretty tired, but so worth it for my girl!
Today is the family party to celebrate Kayla, my niece, who turned 8 on March 7th, my birthday and Isabelle's birthday. Isabelle's actual birthday is the 19th, but we will be celebrating wedding festivities with my cousin! We have a bridal luncheon and the rehearsal dinner. I cannot forget to bring some goodies to her class...that's another very important celebration in her eyes.
Take a look-see at Isabelle's party:

The Cake (idea from family fun magazine & this website):

I made the "happy birthday" banner for her last year & I
had been wanting to try to make these tissue "pom-poms".
I was surprised at how easy & fun they are to make.

Isabelle set & re-set the table before her friends arrived.
It at least kept her from asking me "how much longer"

Coo-Coo & the birthday girl

The girls

...and it just wouldn't be a party if Chloe didn't take all
her clothes off. She also likes to be in the center of all the action.
Can you tell?

Mission accomplished. Party was a success, but I was so glad I didn't make it a sleep over. That won't be happening anytime soon. : )

It's been a long week

Chloe has not been feeling well for quite a while. She has been wheezing and has been on 2 different inhalers for a month now. She ended up getting a terrible sinus infection for which the Dr. prescribed augmentin. She warned me it was strong, but it made Chloe so sick. Every time she got in the car she threw up, she was throwing fits and crying hysterically over little things. She was just not herself. Thankfully, her pediatrician called in a new Rx and Chloe's starting to feel much better. She's still a little tired, cranky and wheezy, but we've gotten some smiles this morning. The one crazy thing about this is that she has been sleeping all night. Usually it's the opposite when my kids are sick.

You know you are desperate when you give a 21 month old a sucker on the couch so she can watch Beauty and the Beast.

sassy face

sweet face

and sheer happiness

I think she's starting to feel better. She was too cute and she kept saying "hot, hot" (sounds more like ha-ha) every time the candlestick came on.