just another day in paradise

My 10 year anniversary dream vacation- spending 2 weeks in some tropical paradise with my husband.

10 year anniversary reality - taking Isabelle to school, having coffee with a friend while Beau and Chloe try to stay occupied. Considering we were there for over an hour...they did really well. Ran errands, dropped Beau off at school, laid Chloe down for a nap at my parents, ran more errands, picked up Isabelle, picked up Chloe, picked up Beau, ran more errands, got ready for dinner, Chloe peed in our closet, and Joey came home to a mess of a house with 3 crazy kids and one crazy wife with her hair halfway done.
Thankfully, my wonderful husband scooped up the kids and took them to McDonald's so I could finish getting ready. When they got back I was happy and ready to go! My awesome mom came over again to watch the kids. We went to the Vintage Press and it was good. I love going out to dinner with out the kids. Then we got to go to Best Buy to buy a new keyboard. Came home to find the kids still up. I was surprised to hear Chloe's scream when we came in...she ran past me and straight to Joey. I did get my hug and kiss though....I don't mind being second. After we got the kids to bed we had to deal with our broken washing machine. Wet and mildewed clothes, taking bowls to empty out the water that won't drain. Then off to my parents house to put those stinky clothes in their washer. I am so happy they live close now. That's what 10 years gets you - an awesome husband, 3 awesome kids, an awesome mom to watch those awesome kids, broken keyboard, broken washing machine, and a fancy dinner. I wouldn't have changed a second of it...it really is just another day in paradise.
We were talking about our 1st anniversary. We were living with my parents at the time. We spent the day washing our cars and then watching the whole Rocky series. We've spent a lot of our anniversaries at the weddings of family and friends...memorial day is a very popular weekend to get married! And one of my favorites was 2 years ago when Chloe was born...just a couple of days before our anniversary. We always have so much fun celebrating...I realize that it's now about where we go and what we do, but just being together is all I need!

Chloe day

The monkey is 2! When we heard her on the monitor, the 4 of us came in singing "happy birthday" and it may have been too soon. She looked at us like we were crazy. She could be right. We spent part of the morning at the park with friends and then came to the house to eat, play and open presents. It was a lot of fun. There were mommies, babies & kids everywhere. Poor Beau had to leave in the middle of the party to go to school and was not happy about it. Chloe got some fun presents. A tu-tu, want and crown that she immediately had to try on. She also looks so cute in her toddler sunglasses from Old Navy. After everyone left, Chloe napped and I cleaned up...it was the cleanest my house has ever been after having that many people over. The afternoon flew by and we ended up eating Taco Bell for her birthday dinner, because Joey had to go to class to work on his final. We are having a family celebration this weekend so she will get her birthday dinner. I hope I can remember to take a few more pictures at that party!
She blew out the candles the first time before we could sing
so I had to light them again and sign fast!

taking a water break.

end of the "year" happenings

School is (almost) out for summer...it couldn't come soon enough. We are all ready. The kids just had their open house. The whole school does a performance. Chloe doesn't enjoy having to sit still...so it's a lot of work! My kids were so cute. The cutest singers ever. Beau told me he was embarrassed. He doesn't like it. Isabelle loves it. She's ALL smiles up there.

Back in the class rooms it was crazy....kids, parents and grandparents everywhere! Isabelle's teacher had a checklist for each kid so we didn't miss any of the projects, paintings or activities. Isabelle loved showing us around, checking off her list. She's a pretty amazing girl. Very talented with her artwork.
Joey went to Beau's class. Kinder is really crowded, because you have the AM and PM class...double the people. His teacher send a majority of his artwork home in a packet...we still need to go through it all. Some of the sweetest things are in there....I can't wait to go through each project with him! I already read one of his stories...it was interesting. He cracks me up!

Funny kids!

My mom picked up the kids for me one day (they beg for her everyday). She unbuckled before she stopped the car and Beau said to her in his most stern voice and with the most serious face, "Coo-Coo, don't you EVER do that again."

Joey had to leave early one morning for work and he left his coffee on the counter after he said his good byes to us. Chloe started yelling and pointing to the counter. I couldn't understand her, but I looked over and I saw what she was pointing at...it was Joey's coffee. She noticed that he forgot it! She was in a frenzy...she was so upset! I called for him to come back into the kitchen and we both started cracking up. He thanked Chloe and she was so happy...it was so cute.

Isabelle brought home a book where each of her classmates wrote a page about her. One of the boys started out by saying she was beautiful. When Joey read it and asked her, "he thinks your beautiful?" and she replied with, "well, I am." We laughed and agreed. Joey wasn't questioning her beauty...he was a little concerned that boys think she's beautiful...

Isabelle's self - confidence: check!!! Next lesson - humility.

: )

Hair cut

Chloe got her first hair cut on Saturday (5/8/10). She did okay considering she was desperately trying to play with Isabelle & Beau in the play room. Traci cut off her "ducktail" and trimmed up the edges.
She's pointing to where she wants to go. She wants to play.
She's so cute!
All done! Time to go! Wow...she looks tiny!

Mom's Day

my cookie monster.
my camo kids. love them.

My sister-in-law and I were talking and starting to plan Mother's Day and after watching the show the Middle.......I put a stop to our plans! Why are we planning it? Isn't it our day? : )
My brother, being the awesome guy that he is, emailed us all, invited us over and made breakfast. He also kept us entertained with his new phone (a Droid) and his new fart app. That's right. We were cracking up and no one more than little Brooklyn. Like father, like daughter. : )

That morning Joey let me sleep in (8am woo-hoo!), went to starbucks and got me my favs. They brought me my coffee and coffee cake in bed with the sweetest homemade gifts EVER! Beau painted something in school and his teacher (best kinder teacher ever) made note cards out of them for all the moms. Isabelle made me a coupon book - and I cashed on in that morning for her to empty the dishwasher! Chloe attacked me in bed with lots of hugs and kisses...it was so cute...she didn't know what was going on, but she knew they were trying to make me feel special.

We got my mom one of Jen's creations - a grandma bracelet. Each grandchild has a tag with their initial on it (boys gold & girls silver). It's beautiful. Click here to see more of Jen's work.

We took Brooklyn & Allie home so Adam & Steph could go to Fresno and spend some time alone celebrating their 5 year anniversary. I only wish the weather would have been nicer so we could have spent some time hanging out outside.

We didn't make it to Fresno this year....so we still need to celebrate mother's day with Joey's mom. Joey did call his mom (I didn't even have to remind him).

The Cruise

Denis & Judy - 40 year Anniversary

The whole gang...

I tell ya...I could really get used to someone cleaning my room, serving me drinks and dinner. The cruise was fabulous. I only have 1 problem with cruises....I get motion sick. The swells were huge. It was always the worst at dinner. I took medicine the first day and should have continued. I got so sick the last night (but I also had a terrible sunburn). It was much easier to leave the kids than I thought and I'm prepared to do it again. : ) Don't get me wrong...I missed their sweet little faces, hugs & kisses, but it was much needed time alone with Joey.
We got into Long Beach early and were able to go to the Yard House...one of our favorites from when we lived there. We got on the ship and started eating right away. Then we all went up to see the ship leave...I had a lot of fun cruising with Joey's family. It's definitely more fun in a group. We ate dinner together every night, we went to shows, walked into downtown Ensenada together. Lots of fun and lots of inside jokes.
Ensenada - nicer than I remember 10 years ago.

Joey taking our picture. We always have to take our own picture - even if other people are around. It's fun and it usually turns out pretty good.

Suzanne & Shaun

Peter & Denise

At a show

Waiting on the men to get ready

Our own fancy night....not the ships fancy night. It was fun celebrating with Joey's parents. Our 10 year is coming up in a few weeks. I am the luckiest gal alive to be married to such a wonderful man!