Isabelle had her endoscopy. That's much easier to say that the title of my post. I actually just say EGD. It saves a lot of time.
We've been trying to schedule this for about a year now and she would always get sick or have terrible allergies. She had to be healthy for 6 weeks prior to the procedure. That seemed impossible this winter. I finally gave up in March and said I'll wait for the summer.
Long story short, we woke up 4:45, showered and left by 5:30 (we stayed in Fresno) to get there by 6 am. We checked in, weighed in, went over her health history and finally at about 8am they took her back and we went to the waiting room. Joey went downstairs to Starbucks to get us coffee. We barely had time to drink our coffee before the Dr. came out with the update. She was fine. The pictures looked great. There is no damage to her esophagus or stomach. The pictures are amazing. It's pretty weird to have a picture of Isabelle's esophagus, stomach & small intestine. The nurse who was with her and brought her to the "Popsicle room" (recovery) said she woke up with a huge smile. She was so happy to have a Popsicle for breakfast. She was amazing. No complaining....and she didn't get to eat or drink the whole morning. Before the nurse discharged Isabelle she gave us lots of instructions and told us that she may take couple of naps. We could barely get her to sit down when we got home. She was hungry and stayed awake all day. We forced her to go to bed at 7:15 and even then she tried to convince us that she wasn't tired. I knew better...she was exhausted and fell right to sleep. She was treated to pudding, 7up, ice cream, 2 new chapter books & some miniature toy horses. I never ceased to be amazed by this girl. She's happy and brave when most kids would be frightened. Love my girl.
waiting for the doctors.

Fathers Day

We spent Father's Day at the Island Water Park. I was so happy that it wasn't crazy busy. I've been during the week before and it's was too crowed. We went with my brother Josh, his friend and his girls. It was a lot of fun! We got there at the opening (10am) and stayed until about 5pm. It was chilly more than half the day. Chloe snacked all morning until it warmed up a little and then we couldn't keep her out of the water. Chloe didn't like everyone leaving her in the kiddie play area. She kept trying to follow the big kids to the big water slides. It's a good thing we brought a lot of food. The girls (and Beau) played with her in the kiddie area. I went down a water slide once with Joey & the kids. I would much rather stay and watch Chloe. We all went in the Lazy River and that was a lot of fun. Cold, but fun. Joey took the kids in the Wave Pool (they all were wearing life vests). Isabelle and Beau came back in and then went back out without telling us. They were trying to get back to Joey. Isabelle left Beau to swim to Joey and he was floating all alone in the crazy waves. I was totally freaked. Josh put on a life jacket to go get Beau and Kayla who had gotten separated from Joey. There were kids on rafts so close to Beau...I couldn't stand it. I was so relieved when Josh got to Beau. He said he was stuck and couldn't move and he was happy to see Uncle Josh. He didn't panic (like I was about to). I said no more wave pool. Even with life was too much for me. Chloe finally fell asleep on me about 4:45 for a short nap. We cleaned up to leave for dinner with Joey's sister & her boys and Uncle Michael. We went to the habit, of course. The kids had so much fun playing with Jake and Noah that Auntie Denise let Isabelle & Beau spend the night with them. Even though they were so tired we let could we not? Chloe wasn't too happy about being left behind...I wish I would have been able to get a picture of her in the back seat with her arms crossed and her crabby face. It was cute. We went to home goods to pick up our new entryway table. I love it. I really love it.
It was a really fun Father's Day. I wish that everyone would have been able to come, but maybe next year!
The Dads....Josh & Joey
Isabelle and then Kayla coming down the slide. I really should have cropped out the lifeguards bottom. Oh well.

The girls: Isabelle, Kayla & Sarah.
My little man in his camo hat that Coo-Coo bough for him. He said his new name is Army Beau.

Sarah & Belle in the kiddie area

Co-Co hanging out by the food & drinks. Just like her mother.

My new entryway table. I love, love, love it!

Too cool

Nothing says summer like a day at the Island Water Park, a cute little girl wearing her big brother's life jacket and one over sized pair of toddler glasses from Old Navy! She is the cutest baby I have ever seen (other than Isabelle & Beau).

Dad's Rock!

I knew Joey would be a good dad when I married him. It's wasn't because he was a baby person (he's not) or because he has to do everything as close to perfect as possible. He just fell in love, plain and simple. He amazes me everyday. He's patient, he's willing to play legos and dollhouse, he's always up for a trip to the park, he's fixed tons of broken toys, wiped their tears and change a lot of stinky diapers! I love that Chloe prefers to have Joey put her to bed and tuck her in just so. I love that Beau can build amazing Lego creations all by himself, but still wants Joey to help him. I love that Isabelle is constantly asking Joey how things work. And he loves its, too!
I am blessed beyond measure! I love the photo Isabelle took of us even though she had part of her finger blocking the lens. : )

First and Last

Yippeee! Schools out!!! It was a great year for the kids. Great teachers, great activities like the Carnival, Science night, Green Eggs and Ham breakfast, Water Play Day (to name just a few) for the kids. We are blessed to be at our school. It was a crazy year a bit of a crazy year though...

8:15 drop off Belle
11:30 drop off Beau
2:08 pick up Belle
3:02 pick up Beau

Joey started taking Isabelle for me in the mornings most days and that was a huge relief for me. The schedule wasn't so bad. Chloe played with Beau in the morning, napped when we got home, and us girls ran errands for an hour before we picked up Beau. There were days I had to wake Chloe up, but for the most part she was up and used to the schedule. My wonderful friend, Nicole, would take Belle home with her for me sometimes. That was a huge help to me! My mom and Joey would pick up the kids sometimes too, but for the most part it was me (much to the kids disappointment).
Last year Joey took Isabelle to her last day of school and he took a picture....I never though to do that...only on the first day of school. I thought to myself last year...I must remember to do that so we can compare the pictures. I remembered! Here they are:

I'm so excited for the kids to be on the same schedule next year!


Avila Beach

I put "camping" in parentheses, because I don't feel like we are actually camping. We have a trailer, complete with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a garage. We sleep in our cozy beds and even turned the air conditioning on, because it was so hot. We thought we'd escape the central valley heat for some cool central coast weather, but not so much.
We started the trip the day the kids got out of school. We got in the car, got past Lemoore and had to turn around. We forgot something...we forgot to pay the registration on the Saturn. It was due that day and the fine was more than we were willing to lose. I was a little annoyed, but it's what can I say? We like to pay our bills on time. We're crazy like that! It could have been avoided if we had made a copy of our house key and given it to my mom (like she keeps asking). I always forget to do it, but I won't anymore! Beau had fallen asleep in the car and when he woke up we were at home...he was just a little confused. Other than our little hiccup, the trip went well. No traffic or accidents. We got in with just enough light for the kids to play on the pirate ship and for me to get us settled inside. The kids went right to sleep at about 9pm. I think Chloe has hit the perfect camping age....she was so good and so easy this time!
The next morning we woke up and the kids played at the pirate ship. Joey went to go check us in at the office and he asked if we could move to a spot in front of the pirate ship. It was available. It was perfect. We could sit at our site and relax and watch the kids play. When Chloe went over we had to go with her, but she didn't play there as long as the kids. She was happy to come back and climb the trailer steps and jump off or climb in her stroller and buckle herself in. We met my grandma, my cousin, and my cousin's cutie pie son Oliver. The kids had fun running around on the patio restaurant together. It was cute. Then we went into SLO for dinner and the farmers market. We had to eat at's just not the same as the Doghouse grill in Frenso. It's not. Then we walked around the farmers market...Joey and I had never been together. That means we haven't been in at least 11 years. The kids loved it! Chloe was rockin' her cute sunglasses and everyone kept waving and talking to her. She would wave to everyone on the street at every booth until she saw the tutoring booth with the big bear. Someone was dressed in a bear costume. When Chloe rounded the corner she started backing up fast...she almost tripped over the stroller and Joey. It was pretty cute. She was able to give him a high five after a few minutes. Another booth had the most beautiful flowers for sale for $3 a bunch. So cheap. Isabelle begged for us to buy them, but we didn't have anything big enough to put the flowers in in the trailer. We almost caved and bought them though. I promised her we would bring a vase next time and buy some. We went back to the campsite and roasted marshmallows and then went to bed.
Friday we got up and went to Avila to ride the Bob Jones Bike Trail. Let me just say the weather was hot. HOT! I knew the trail was shaded a good part of the way and that helped. I had Chloe in front of me on the wee ride and the kids are such great riders that they did awesome....even up that hill at the end before the bridge. Joey had to give Beau a push up it, but Isabelle powered up it (she is amazingly strong for a 7 year old). She's a champ. We got in and played at that park in Avila. I had to go buy the kids new flip-flops, because they each need a "nice" pair. When I got back they told me the park is too babyish now. Chloe loved it, but they were bored...I couldn't believe it...they used to love that park. I was sad...they are growing up too fast. I think after playing on the pirate ship at the RV park they didn't want to play on anything else...and they wanted to go to the beach. After we had lunch at this little grocery store/deli (it was so good, too) we went down to the beach. The was was cold, but it felt so good on my feet. They would have stayed all day if we'd let them, but we only had 1 towel, because we only had 1 backpack and my basket on my bike. We had to bring diapers, wipes, sippy cup, water and bathing suits for each kid. We almost considered having Joey ride back alone to get the truck and pick us up, but we made the kids ride back. Beau was very tired the last few minutes, but he did it! Chloe fell asleep in the wee ride and I had to hold her head up, because she had slouched down in her seat a little and her head wouldn't reach the head rest with her buckles on. So there I was riding with her head (and helmet) in one hand and steering with my other hand. I wish we had gotten a picture, but by the time we got back I just wanted to put her in the air conditioned car while Joey and I put the bikes in the truck. It was a lot of fun and I know we will do it again....hopefully when it's cool. When we got back my parents, Judy & Dolph, Janell, Andy & their girls were there. Chloe finally had a playmate! Chloe just loved Annie and Ellie...and thankfully she was very gentle with the "babies". It was cute. We ended up swimming...Chloe loves jumping in the pool. Over and over and over and over....
I think we have another swimmer on our hands. My sister ended up getting there a couple of hours later. We had dinner together and hung out for a while. Saturday morning there was more playing, relaxing & swimming. We ended up going into San Luis again to EAT (we ate out a lot more than we had planned). When we got back we hung out with everyone and stayed out late by the campfire, my sister played UNO with the was a fun night. Isabelle and Beau were thrilled to be up late again.
Sunday we got ready to leave and the kids said good bye to the friends they had made. They kept asking if we could stay one more day. I am usually ready to leave on the last day, but this time I could have stayed a few more days if Joey didn't have to be in the office. We'll just h
ave to plan another trip. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I just was too busy enjoying our vacation. I've got to be better about that....
Me & Chloe.

Family Campfire

Chloe hanging out with Daddy

She loves smores

Chloe really didn't need my help

Of course she had to climb all the way to the top.