The other night at dinner Chloe was eating (actually shoving food in her mouth) and she coughed a little like she was going to choke.

Me: "Chloe, please eat slower, okay?"
Chloe: "Yeah"
Me: "It scares me when you choke"

The funniest thing about that is that I have had that same conversations with Isabelle at this age and she did the exact same thing! De ja vu! We all had a good laugh.

I love this face.

EGD biopsy results

The Dr. called with the results the other night as I was making dinner for the munchkins. There is no damage from the acid reflux to her esophagus, but she found some cells that indicate she has another problem....I can't even pronounce it, but basically she has something that (is supposed) to cause chest pain and trouble swallowing. They usually treat it with steroids, but since Isabelle doesn't ever complain of any of those symptoms we are not going to treat it at this time. We just need to go in for our regular follow up appt. in 3 months. I asked the Dr. if this is just something random she was born with or is it genetic. The Dr. said it can be genetic. Which brings me to Chloe and her choking. I asked if she could have the same thing Isabelle has (trouble swallowing). She loves to eat, but she's not a great eater in the sense that she needs her food cut up very small still. Dr. Davis seems to think it could be related, but I will have to take her into see her pediatrician to get a referral. Isabelle choked as a baby too. But on random things like stickers and toys....rarely on food. My girls...they are so much a like in more ways than I thought.

surviving motherhood

Do you ever feel like you may not survive motherhood? I do and often. My kids are little pieces of my heart walking around. I love them so much it hurts. Especially last week...we went swimming last Friday afternoon at my friend's house. This is a JH/HS friend. We played soccer together, went to dances together, sleepovers.....lots of fun memories! It was mostly a fun afternoon. We swam, we got chased by bees and Chloe choked on string cheese. She was trying to cough it up for a brief second so I let her try. She couldn't get it up on her own and and thankfully, Jennifer, grabbed her and started whacking her back and giving her the Heimlich. Chloe's lips were blue. I was trying to not panic. Chloe coughed up a little bit of the cheese, but must have sucked it back down again. Her lips turned blue again. Jen started whacking her back again. I started freaking out. I got on the phone with 911, but Chloe was crying by the time the dispatcher answered. After a few questions and instructions from her I hung up. Chloe ran over to me, cried for about 10 seconds and was ready to eat again. We were still shaking. In the midst of all this the rest of the kids ran out to see what was going on. After a phone call to my Dr.'s office where a nurse read me information off a pamphlet I called my friend Travis who is a PA. He came by to check Chloe out and he said she was fine. My kids love Travis. Travis is funny, we had Trig together in HS and he asked me to prom my sophomore year. Now we joke that Chloe & his son Jack will be prom dates! I am so blessed to have amazing friends.
This all happened in a less than 1 minute, but it was one of the worst minutes of my life. It's not the first time she's choked and I've had to call 911. The first time she was about 8 months and she choked on an apple. My heart hurts. God says he will never give us anything we can't handle.