Chloe is officially in a big girl bed. The transition has been very smooth - no tears. Next is potty training and getting rid of the bink. Last night she kept getting out of bed. She came out to the living room and Joey told her to go get back in bed and that he loved her. Off she went and in the hallway turns around and says, "You love me, Mom?" Oh Chloe! I do love you!

pants off dance off

Chloe thinks she's going to the pants off dance off! What to do with this girl? She's so funny & cute! I'm not officially potty training, but she's ready. She spends most of the afternoon in big girl panties and it's back and forth to the restroom. I came out to find her completely naked eating her snack. She's all about the food. It's just one of those times you have to take a photo.

Back to school....

The first 2 days back were a success. A huge milestone for Beau....no tears. None! I wasn't sure how this transition would go, but he loves it. He also likes sharing a recess with his sister. I am really looking forward to this year and all it will bring.
Chloe had her backpack and was ready to go to school too. The second day she kept getting out the extra lunch pail we have in the pantry. She wanted me to pack her a lunch just like the big kids. I'm get to spend some alone time with her this year....I hope I can keep up with her! : )

Happy to be a first grader, see friends and eat lunch at school

She got to pick out where she wanted to sit....2nd grade is so cool!

Chloe & Daddy.

Mother & Daughter

Beau took this photo of us....I did a little editing in photoshop....I heart photoshop!

Cramming it all in...

Well our summer is just about over. One last play-date and birthday party before the kids start back to school. We really like to cram a lot into the end of summer....it seems to happen every year.

We've spend lots of time with Cousins this summer. Sarah & Kayla came over in the evening and we had a water balloon "fight." The water balloons were popped almost as fast as they were filled up. Even Chloe had a great time. Kayla ended up spending the night. Sarah decided to spend spend time with Connor.

Isabelle, Beau, Chloe & Kayla

I had to get some invitations to Fresno and to save myself the trip up there - I dropped them off to Shaun in Kingsburg. The kids were thrilled to see Uncle Shaun....or maybe it was the fire engines! : ) I think it was Chloe's first time where she could actually sit and check out the inside. She loved it. They all do. We couldn't stay long this time, but I'm sure we'll be back soon.
Chloe's in the front & Isabelle's in the back

Mr. Beau

Joey took 2 days off to spend some fun time with the kids. We had gotten 4 Wild Water Adventure tickets from the baseball game and Chloe was free...so we packed up some food and headed out for some Fun!!! The kids played and played. I finally "forced" Chloe to nap around 4pm by taking her for a walk in the stroller. She was so very tired. Then the next day we went to Pine Flat...I had never been. I'd only been to Millerton. We went with Suzanne, Shaun & the boys. It took us a while to get the boat hooked up....a few minor problems....so we got a very late start and didn't get a lot of time on the boat.

Here's Joey "surfing"
I guess Chloe got tired of watching. : )

I don't get tired of watching though.

He's sexy.
the "baby" and mommy soaking up the sun

My kids...and Carter...peek-a-boo!

Isabelle. Faster. Faster. Hmmm....why does this make me nervous?
Beau - "Fire it up!" Yeah, this made me even more nervous.

Making our way back....Sleepy girl.
We made our way home just in time to get to Beau's Soccer. My friend, Jen, and I are going to be the c0-team mom. I don't really think it's that difficult of a job, but it's nice to know that we have help if we need it. : ) The coach told us the job was to make (buy) the banner, snack/drink list, oh, and make the game line-up. Hmmmm...that sorta sounds like the coach's job! I started laughing and said I think that falls under the duties of the coach - not team mom! Yikes! Anyway, I am thrilled that we have friends on our team! It's going to be a fun season!

Saturday Joey had his alumni game. It sounded fun, but the kids weren't to0 happy about sitting in the heat watching their dad play water polo. It was really hot and lunch time. I didn't prepare well enough. We drank all the water right way, munched on the ice and the kids weren't happy. I think it was 1 too many days in the sun. Like the title says...we like to cram it all in. Three days in a row in Fresno in the heat with hungry, tired, sweaty kids. Isabelle and Beau could have made it through, but Chloe was melting down...which makes mommy want to melt down. I took the kids to McDonald's in the 2nd half, because it was too much for them. We came back to pick up Joey and headed home. Or towards home. We went to go check out some trailers and motor homes. It's free....unless you purchase one. We are not trading ours in, but we like to look! I think the kids found Nana & Papa a new motor home. : )

Here's some pictures of the kids while we were watching daddy warm up:
Chloe trying to stay cool
little boy blue (eyes)

Beautiful! How did she get so big?

I let the kids go a little crazy with the camera....it occupied them for a while.

I will say that I love to watch Joey play water polo. He's still got it. : )

Wild Water Adventure

Today we took the kids to Wild Water in Fresno. It was a blast. Super fun. So much fun that I don't have a single picture. I was too busy playing, watching Chloe swim, eating, relaxing.....

I love the Island, but I do like the kiddie area better at WW. Way more for Chloe to do and there was no huge bucket of water crashing down. Joey said the water slides were too slow and there weren't enough rafts for the amount of people (and we didn't want to pay to rent one). Overall a great day....I love it when Joey takes time off work to hang out with us!

Beau fell asleep on the way home and put himself to bed. That's how tired he was tonight. If only it were that easy every night....

some things just don't change

Getting that perfect photo isn't easy.

December 2008

July 2009 - a little better. Isabelle's hands aren't on Beau's face, but Beau still has the need to be touching Chloe's ear.

July 2010 - Chloe's given up. She's exhausted and the kids are trying to make her smile.

random summer fun

a lazy summer morning that I'm not ready to give up just yet!

hide n seek



Star Wars Jedi

oh, thank heaven for 7-11! It's our summer time treat and much cheaper than tiki snow!

Isabelle took this picture. Beau has huge eyes...

Chloe just had to have her photo taken. I love her hands on Joey's face.

Newport...Isabelle just had to ride the carousel. She loves horses.

Hello Kitty shirts

All smiles all the time

playing with the water dispenser again....all wet and not so happy about it

OMG. Seriously....she kills me.

Daddy shooting the girls with Nerf darts. They love it.

Stick together my girls, stick together. Daddy has no mercy!

Still being shot and and loving it, can you tell?


Too many late nights and long days.

Do you like her bangs?

Memories in the making

Chloe & Brooklyn got to spend lots of time together last week. It's so cute to see them play together....and they do it so well. Brooklyn likes to be in charge and Chloe's pretty good about it most of the time. They took turns being pushed around in the baby stroller. I hear, "it's my turn" a lot. Sometimes they say it and I have no idea why..like at lunch they just say it over and over to each other. I'm good with it....as long as they eat lunch in the process. I just love to listen to them interact at this age.
My favorite was when Brooklyn took Chloe's fake baby camera and took a picture of Chloe and then told her it was a good one. : ) They play kitchen, babies, doggies...I know they will look back at the fun childhood memories. I'm so glad my kids get to grow up with cousins in town. We didn't have that growing up and it made me sad.

How cute are they in their matching outfits?
Chloe loves her cousin "Bookin"


We recently babysat for our friends. Our kids are the same age and they play so well together! It was so easy and fun! I wish they lived in Visalia still.

Faith & Chloe
The boys - Beau & Trey

The girls - Haven & Isabelle
If I had our external hard drive plugged in I could post pictures of the big kids playing together when they were about Chloe and Faith's age.


I wish I could write more consistently on the blog. I start to forget those cute and funny things the kids say and do....

This summer is flying by and I'm not prepared to give up our lazy mornings at home! I'm going to try and catch up the best I can.

Beau is a little mini-Joey. People say he looks like me, but he's all Joey. He builds things, he's obsessed with cars, trucks, jeeps, boats and most vehicles that move. He's very particular about his things. My favorite is that he's a Mr. Fix-it. If one of the girls breaks a toy, Beau can fix it (most of the time). This pictures cracks me up,because he wanted his Star Wars gun to have a light, but it didn't. He solved the problem:
He just used some tape. My kids think tape can solve all their problems. It solved Beau's problem this day. Every gun needs a flashlight attached! I like his creativity. I don't like it when he tells Chloe, "surrender or die". Not so much. But Chloe usually takes the "bullet", falls to the floor and plays dead. Beau also likes to have light saber duals with the girls. He better watch out...they are getting quite good. Beau's very gentle with Chloe for the most part. He loves to refer to himself as Bubba. Bring it to Bubba, Chloe. Bubba will fix it for you, Chloe. It's very sweet.
It's hard to believe this little boy of mine is going to be in first grade. I'm a little nervous for him! He also will be playing soccer this year (YAY)! I'm really excited about that for obvious reasons! : )

My handsome little guy. When he gets dressed nice he comes in and asks me how he looks. He wants me to answer like dad by saying, "looking sharp,buddy". I guess I should say here's my boy looking sharp!

Earlier this summer we spend the day swimming and celebrating birthdays with Jen, Carla and the kids. They love swimming at Carla's house because of the diving board. This was a fun day...I wish we could do it more often.

Isabelle has gone through another growth spurt. A few of her dresses all of the sudden are too short. Yikes! We took a trip to the orthodontist this summer and found out she will need headgear. She will need it for 18 months so so and she has to wear it 14 hours a day! Drat! Beau needs to stop the thumb sucking and will more than likely have to get something installed on the roof of his mouth when his 6 year molars come in. He was a late teether so I think he'll have another 6 months to a year. Back to Isabelle. She is thrilled that she got the teacher she wanted for 2nd grade. I'm thrilled as well. I think it will be a good year. Isabelle is telling Beau all about 1st grade. Everything from teachers, recess, lunch, math....she takes her role as big sister very seriously. I love it!
She has informed me that she is going to save her money so she can own a horse ranch. Beau says he is going to help build her ranch. Isabelle said she will provide all the equipment for Beau to build it. I seriously love her. She cracks me up. She's very, very, very into horses. I told her she will need to find a husband that shares her love of horses. Then she asked me if she had to get married before she gets her horses. She also wants to be a horse jockey. Hmmm....I think she maybe just the right size. She asked if I would come watch her race one day. If she's ever a horse jockey....I will be there! : ) Isabelle took a self portrait.
sometimes the kids play with the camera and when I load the pictures on the computer I find sweet things like this from my Belle:
I also find things that crack me up:

My girl. She's beautiful. Inside and out.
Chloe is just a bundle of energy. She's oh, so happy. She has a little skip in her step. She's so cute. I say it all the time. She's so cute. She's seriously so cute. See? I can't help myself. I like to say she's killing me with her cuteness. She loves to read (finally). She used to just look at the pictures and if you tried to read to her she would turn the page. Right now she's really into Brown Bear, Head to Toe and Good Night Moon. Good Night Moon used to be Belle's favorite. The book itself has seen better days, but I love it all tattered up...lots of memories reading it!
Chloe is talking so much all of the sudden!
I'm hungy
What doing?
Wanna him (swim)? Yeah? Yeah? (just like that...adorable).
Toast, Beau? (offering Beau toast)
Where's __________?
I don't know
Gimme it (not a big fan of this one)
Thank you
My turn
Let me have it (not liking this one either)
I want it
Where is it? (when looking for the remote)

I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of them right now. Chloe's keeping me busy all the time still - trying to change her own diaper, changing her outfit 5x a day, pushing the bar stools around trying to get things out of the fridge, drinking milk right out of the carton, and playing with the water dispenser on the fridge...

She's a busy girl, but such a good girl. She doesn't need much more than a talking to to set her straight. She might try to throw a fit, but it doesn't last more than a few seconds if you tell her, "We don't throw fits, Chloe. Do you understand?" I get a simple "Yes, mom" from her and it's over. I'm so glad she's not as stubborn as her brother. Every once and a while she decides to go all the way with the fit, as most 2 year old do. Those are the days I want to pull my hair out.

I finally cut Chloe some bangs, because her hair is crazy and was always in her eyes. She looks even more adorable than before. How is that even possible?

Getting into the fridge again:

Just being cute in her swim suit:

Being "nah-eee" (naughty).

wearing my sunglasses (thanks, Peter!), Beau's backpack & Belle's shoes

I love this crazy girl!