Isabelle gets very distracted, so I wasn't surprised to see her shutters open one night after I had asked her twice to close them up. She told me that she was listening, but just didn't hear me. Hmmm. Okay. She must have inherited that trait from her daddy.

This picture has no relevance to this post. My mom just can't stand it when I post something without a photo of the kids. This is for you, Mom:


She's tall.
Isabelle is turning into quite an aggressive (and fast) little soccer player. I think she may be more of a defender. She had an awesome save this last game. So proud!


Where's Chloe? After a short search, we found her in my bathroom. Playing with my mascara.


Chloe has now figured out how to turn on the TV & stereo without the remote. Great. I found her watching TV like this:
So, of course, I had to get the face shot:

Silly faces

A Brownie in the house

Isabelle is our social butterfly. She likes to be out and about. She wants to try all sorts of things and Girl Scouts/Brownies is one of them. My friend has sent her girls for years and after much pleading from Belle, we let her try it out. She was ecstatic! She came home and could not stop talking about the meeting and all the cool things they will get to do this year. And I mean she talked about it from dinner to the bike ride, during shower/bath time, reading time and every time I passed her room to put Chloe back in bed. : ) I'm pretty sure she liked it.
I was worried about adding another thing to our already busy schedule, but Brownies will be so great for her in so many ways. She will learn new ways to serve the community and she gets to see some of her friends that she doesn't see on a regular basis. I am happy I didn't let the fear of being too busy hold me back from Brownies! She has a few other things on her list that she really wants to try after soccer season: tennis lessons, horseback riding, gymnastics and dance. I can't keep up with her, but I love that she wants to be so active. She really has a lot of energy to burn.

Super Saturday

I really wish I would take the time to blog more. My kids do and say the funniest things...I need to go straight to the computer and write it down. Chloe's had an interesting time of potty training. She had a horrible day at our first MOPS meeting and then later at home that day was just as bad. I wanted to just give up, but she woke up the next day and it clicked! She's been (mostly) accident free since then, but the accidents she's had....eww....not good!
She does try to make it to the bathroom! Bless her! She was at my parents yesterday, because of our soccer schedule they took her home to nap. She fell asleep in her panties and woke up a few minutes later and had to go...she pooped and made a mess, but my parents said she did make it to the bathroom. She tried to wipe, but made a mess. Her nap was about 20 minutes so she fell back asleep at 3:15 we took her home put her to bed and when we tried to wake her up at 5 to go out to dinner, but she couldn't stay awake. I put her down on the couch and she fell back asleep. We let her sleep for another hour and then woke her up to eat pizza. The downside is that she was up until 10. She just hung out with us while we watched a movie. She was our little sidekick. : )
So much for going out to dinner...
Sweet "baby" except she's not a baby anymore.
I love soccer! I especially love watching my kids play soccer. Isabelle towers over most of the girls out there. She's almost scored 2 goals yesterday! It was so exciting to see her get more into the game. She's that girl that was looking at flowers on the field, worried that she couldn't play against her friends on the opposite team and that she would hurt someone. It's great to watch really play this year!
Beau, on the other hand, is and animal. I had to talk with him about being too aggressive. He's a bit pushy out there. He has no problem running full speed ahead. He's quite hilarious to watch.
Isabelle played at 11am, Beau at 11:45 and then Isabelle at 2pm. We got lucky with our games times (except that they fell during nap time). Isabelle was NOT happy about playing twice. I think that they should have had the under 8's start their first game when the under 6's did 2 weeks ago. By the 4th quarter of her 2nd game they were pooped! It was a madhouse at the sports park. I am happy that next week we go back to just one game for Isabelle. I look forward to a million trips to gross bathrooms with a toddler. : (
Yesterday was long and a BIG thank you to my parents who tried to help us out by keeping Beau and Chloe and then having a huge mess to clean up!

Isabelle and Beau relaxing Sunday morning...I was hoping they would have slept past 6:30!

Ohhhh Bama.

One night we were sitting at dinner talking about Nana & Papa's travels. They just so happen to be in DC at that time so Joey asked the kids who lives there. They both shouted, "the President." Then Joey asked them his name. All quiet. Thinking. I leaned over to Chloe and say, "Chloe can you say Obama?" Then she replied, "Ohhhhh Mama!" We all start laughing and I tell her again, "Obama!" Then she say's "Ohhhh Sissy!" Next was "Ohhhh Bubba!"

It was pretty funny. Needless to say Joey didn't to finish his quiz with the kids, but we had a great dinner that night. : )

Even though Nana & Papa are on vacation they still get to be part of dinner! : ) We are happy they are coming home soon!


Beau had his first game. Isabelle was the photographer. The camera ran out of batteries during the warm up. She did manage to get a few good shots. He loves it (yay) and we love watching him. Another plus it that Beau has a friend on the team! Jen & I played together and now our boys's so much fun!
warming up

warming up / goofing around