Lip gloss

This should really go with my little Sneaker post from a few weeks ago. I was chatting on the phone with my mom. Chloe snuck off to my bathroom, quiet as could be, and got into my lip gloss. I'm just happy she didn't get it everywhere. : )

Kiss please?

Say WHAT???

The Gendron's went tent camping. I'll say that again. The Gendron's went tent camping. We camped in a tent. Can you believe it? We hadn't used our tent in 6 years. Isabelle was a baby and it was quite the experience. We were invited to a birthday camp out for a family friend and we (debated bringing our trailer) thought it would be a fun experience to let our kids see what tent camping is like for the night.
We really had a blast. The kids played so hard they didn't even care that they had to sleep on the ground. The kids played at the "park" which is just a swing set,but set in the middle of 5 acres it looks like a park, they swam, went in the spa, played games, saw the animals, watched a movie outside, ate and ate and ate...
The weather was hot and muggy. It even rained. The kids swam and played in the rain all afternoon. It POURED at 5 am while we were supposed to be sleeping. Joey and I woke up and were just so happy that our tent kept us dry. The kids woke up, ate, swam and played. It was so much fun! I know my kids will look back on it for years to come!
The girls new bathing suits I got on clearance for next summer. Isabelle has been asking for a tankini.
Not really wanting to take the time for mom to take her photo. She really wanted to swim.

Isabelle and Beau swimming in the rain. I'm so glad I washed, blow dried, and straightened my hair that morning. It was so worth it. Can you hear my sarcasm?

Here's Chloe swinging at the "park" as she called it. Notice the rainbow? It was amazing you could see the whole thing!
Sitting on the swing with mom.

Sitting on the swing with daddy and being silly!

Make a Wish!

When you wish upon a Dib.....
Beau's not a huge fan of cake, but he LOVES Dibs. So that's what he got for his birthday treat.

Birthday Boy

Beau is 6! He celebrated with 2 family parties, dinner to Red Robin and lots of ice cream. We had to reschedule his friend party, because he was not feeling well Thursday afternoon. He threw up and had a fever. I thought it he was better 24 hours later and we were out and about all weekend. When Sunday afternoon rolled around his fever was back and he was feeling terrible. After a quick trip to the pediatrician Monday morning we found out he had strep.
Here's our family dinner at Red Robin:

Seriously handsome.

He was shocked when the servers came out singing Happy Birthday to him! It was a fun surprise for him. He even shared his treat with the girls.

Typical...trying to get the kids to look at the camera.
After dinner we took Beau to Toys R Us to pick out a toy for his birthday. We thought we'd try something fun and different this year. We usually pick out his gift for him....Can anyone guess what he picked out????