Both the kids got an Award at school for Character & Attendance this month. We were so proud and found out their assemblies were not at the same time. We were there for an hour and a half. Chloe did pretty well sitting and being quiet for most of that time.
So beautiful!

Posing for the camera. I missed getting to see her afterwards, because Chloe had to go potty and Isabelle didn't want to miss recess. At least I got to see her get her award!

She's so happy!
Hiding behind his award...

I love this boy!
Even Coo-Coo came to watch the kiddos!

Decking the Halls

The Christmas decor is out and the tree is trimmed. Now if we just had a fireplace to hang out stockings on....
Three cuties

It was Isabelle's turn to put the Angel on top

She's getting so big!


Joey recently took the big kids to the mountains to see General Sherman. I opted out of the trip thinking pregnant & sick + windy roads = bad combination.


There's so much to be thankful for in my life! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family this year. I took a 4 hour nap before we went to my parents for dinner and let me tell was so nice! I didn't take a single picture this year. I brought the camera, but it never made it out of my purse. The kids had a good time playing horse shoes, running around outside and eating.
As we sat down to dinner we all had to say what we are thankful for...when it got to Chloe I asked her what she was thankful for and she shrugged her shoulders, threw her hands up in the air and said, "I don't know!" We all laughed and she probably had no idea what we were talking about. I could have gone on and on, but mostly I am thankful for Joey, because he is such a wonderful husband and is taking on a lot more of my household duties since I feel so terrible. And my family, the fact that we had such a large table with family to share Thanksgiving with this year.
Late at home when the kids went to bed I told them individually how thankful I am to be there mom and that I am thankful for them all year round. Beau asked me why I didn't say that at dinner in front of everyone. I told him that I said I was thankful for my family. He asked me if I could say it in front of everyone next year. It's so cute how much a small amount of praise means so much to kids. I am so thankful for the kids God has given to us and the two growing inside me! I hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Now let the Christmas Festivities begin! : )


If you've talked to me then you know we are still in shock, but very excited about our news...we never thought we'd have twins! We went into our ultrasound thinking we were going to see the baby's heart beat....not the babies heartbeats. Plural. Plural. Seriously, it's still sinking in. I am truly excited, but nervous. It's going to get even crazier around here. I can only imagine, but I don't think my imagination is really preparing me for what lies ahead. : ) I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! That is what will get me through, I believe God's plans for me are better than my own plans.
Isabelle and Beau are very excited. Beau said, "Yes!!! I knew it! I knew we were having twins!" Thanks for telling me, buddy! Isabelle was happy and saying she wants girls and then she realized there was going to be 5 kids in the family and started laughing like crazy! That's pretty much how Joey & and I reacted, too. We laughed hysterically (and I cried a little, too). Now we are just praying for healthy, happy babies. : )


A horse, a cowgirl and a clone trooper is what the kids wanted to be this year for Halloween. Okay, so Chloe didn't ask to be a horse, but I thought it would be cute since Isabelle did want to be a cowgirl. Warning: Don't call Beau a storm trooper. He will correct you. He was a clone trooper. Isabelle's "costume" wasn't very costume-y this year. I was just too tired to go get more accessories. I do love it, because she can wear everything again. She loves her boots!
The back of Chloe's costume.

The cowgirl and her horse.
Chloe wasn't loving the costume.

She can't decide if she's happy or sad.
rummaging through Coo-Coo & Papa's Halloween candy.


We had Chloe wear her new shirt to the kids soccer games last week. Our parents came to watch the kids play, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to share our news!
The front says, "I have a secret" if you can't read it that well. Chloe is going to be a big sister! We are very excited! Chloe just so happened to slam her finger in the door right when we got to the fields and wouldn't stop crying. She kept showing everyone her finger so it took a few minutes to get to the shirt. It was a very fun way to tell everyone about my pregnancy.


Chloe's hair gets brushed and styled most mornings...she just doesn't keep it in. : )

Pumpkin Patch

Every year we take the kids to the pumpkin patch at least once. Chloe & I went for MOPS and for the life of me I couldn't get her to smile. She didn't like the hay, but she enjoyed picking out a pumpkin. She tried to carry it to the car, but "it's hebby" and she ended letting me take it.
All smiles at home before we leave

more interested in the other kids than the camera

Corn! She loved playing in there.
Think she's tired of taking pictures?
She didn't like sitting on the hay.

All in all it was a fun morning. We got to go to Avila Farms last Saturday as a family and it was very fun (and muddy). The kids did the maze, picked out pumpkins and saw all the animals. I didn't get any pictures..just a few on my phone.

Oh Wow Nickel Arcade

Beau's party was a lot of fun...the Oh Wow Nickel Arcade was a great idea and super affordable. Beau invited a few kids from school, a few neighbors and a few other friends. Some of those boys could really go through a lot of nickels in a short amount of time. I brought snacks and drinks, but they mostly wanted play. We stopped for a few short minutes to sing happy birthday and eat some Cold Stone ice cream cake. Beau got lots of his favorites...Legos and Star Wars and a few other goodies.

I can't believe I didn't get more pictures, but I didn't want to spend the whole party snapping photos. I even got to play a little bit. I'm just happy Beau had a great party.