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surviving motherhood

Last night after dinner Joey and I were talking in the kitchen and the kids were playing in Beau's room. We could hear them laughing and playing (wild). All of the sudden we heard, a couple of very loud crashes...we started running even before we heard the crying. Chloe fell of the bunk bed. Why do we let our 21 month old play in a room with bunk beds, you ask? Well, I moved the dresser in front to block off the part she could climb up. She figured out that she could open the drawers and climb up. Joey went in and checked her over immediately while I yelled at Isabelle and Beau - not that it was their fault. I was freaking out and totally took it out on them. I decided it was just best to leave the room, because I was making a bad situation worse. Chloe is fine (and so are Isabelle and Beau : )). She cried for less than a minute. By the time I came back in she was already playing with Bumblebee (transformers). From what we can gather, she hit her head on the dresser and flipped over and landed on her back(?). It all happened so fast I don't know if the kids really even saw it happen. Just when I think I've made something "Chloe-proof" she figures out a way around it. That girl! I felt sick to my stomach last night. I thank the Lord she is okay. It could have been much worse. These are the days I wonder how I will survive motherhood and make it to the next stage of bumps, bruises, falls and accidents.

reasons to love winter

I admit it. I really love winter. I also love spring, summer and fall (to be fair). Here are a few of my favorite things about winter:
1. You are happy that the oven/stove/crock pot makes the house warm
2. Tea & hot cocoa are just fun to drink
3. You don't get too hot when you snuggle & cuddle
4. You can put on something straight from the dryer without getting heatstroke
5. Sweats & Uggs (two of my favorite things to wear)
6. Soup is so easy to make for dinner
7. An excuse to use the heated seats in the car
8. Fire pits
9. Flannel Sheets
10. When you find your baby's old sippy cup of's still milk and not curdled, rotten & stinky. You get to just dump it out and put it in the dishwasher...not the trash can. : )

Stayed tuned...there's lots to dislike about winter, too. I am sure I can post a list about that too...

And this picture is just because. Just because she's so frickin' cute. Just because she likes to take her shirts off, turn them inside out and backwards and wear it. How she got it twisted, halfway and backwards. You got me. This kid keeps me on my toes at all times. I love her for it though.


Yes, I am so behind with my "scrapbooking" it's laughable. I can't seem to find a chunk of time to just buckle down and get caught up. I am motivated right now, so I will try and hammer out some pages here and there. Maybe I'll get enough to make a book! Imagine that! You can see them here. Back to work or maybe I should start dinner for my family.


Here is the necklace that I "earned" from my jewelry party. It was a huge success. Jen did an awesome job displaying her creations and had tons of selection to make something totally unique. Here is my "family" necklace:
a copper "m & j"
silver square "est. 2000"
copper ring "belle * beau * chloe"
small chunky silver heart
oxidized silver "G"
I just love the mix & match style and I wanted to something for Joey & I...and I am soooo happy with the way it turned out. Next on my list is to get Isabelle a necklace for her birthday.

You can email Jen ( if you are interested in hosting a show or buying some jewelry. : )


I am having a jewelry party tomorrow. My friend, Jen, makes these adorable necklaces & bracelets. You can find the link to her website at all times from my blog (lower right hand side) or you can click here to see it right this second.

Here's a picture of what I already have:

You should see what she's making me! I will have it tomorrow at my party. I can't wait! It's so cute! Come on over and hang out with us girls, eat, drink coffee and shop if you must! ; )