Life as we know it...

I don't have a lot of pictures this month...I've been pretty bad about getting the camera out. I do need to write a few things down...or I will forget them...and it's all too sweet to be forgotten in the black hole of my mind.
Isabelle, my sweet little dreamer! She dreams of owning a horse and keeping in the backyard. She likes to practice cartwheels in the living room and pretend she's a dog. She likes to bark and chase Chloe around the house while Chloe runs screaming from her. It's pretty comical. She reads, reads, reads and reads some more. She's very artistic...I should really explore that and sign her up for an art class. I think she would really enjoy it. She's adventurous...she wants to try all sorts of new things. I love that about her. She's losing teeth like crazy....the tooth fairy may end up broke. A couple of Fridays ago, Joey forgot to pick her up from school. She'd been reminding him all week, but life happens and he got busy at work. Thankfully, my friend had called and just took Isabelle home with her so it all worked out and Isabelle wasn't left waiting around. A couple of nights later Isabelle says to Joey, "Okay Daddy. Let's try this again. You come pick me up on Friday after school." It's funny, because Joey starts sentences just like that when talking to the kids....needless to say he picked her up the next Friday and she was happy as a clam. This girl is a daddy's girl - always has been and it's safe to say always will be! Isabelle is so sweet. She loves to leave notes. One of those notes was to remind Joey to pick her up. She will leave me notes at my desk about how much she loves me.

Beau is still my snuggle bear. He still wants me to hold him (sometimes) when I'm not holding Chloe. I know it sounds ridiculous, but he's such a boy. It's all about guns, lightsabers, army, video games, wrestling etc. He loves building legos still, but I'm counting on him never outgrowing that...just like Joey. When he grows up he wants to be a worker to which I tell him he's in luck, because that's exactly what he'll be doing! He's doing really well in Kindergarten. One of his problems is that he's a little on the competitive side (gee whiz...I wonder where that comes from) and wants to be the first one done with his work. He ends up making mistakes. His teacher keeps telling him to slow down. It's the same with homework...but mostly the penmanship part. He loves math and seems to breeze through the math sheets. I am still amazed at what he's learned this year. He told me the other day, "Mom, do you know that I'm pretty much a reader now?" Yes, he is pretty much a reader. He has become very social now - such a far cry from where he was even last year. He was so nervous to be away from me and I couldn't leave him at a birthday party (even with close friends). About a month ago he was really wanting to sit at the red table at school. His teacher told him to write her a note to remind her about it. So he did...he wrote her a note. A whole paragraph on his own. He gave it to her and she sent him a note home that he will be at the red table soon. I wish I would have taken a picture of the note. It was so cute!

Chloe is a punk. A really, really adorable, sweet, fun & beautiful punk. She hasn't been feeling well and wouldn't go to bed a couple of nights in a row. I went into check on her and she's trying to climb out of the crib. I've found her on the changing table trying to change her own diaper. We went to Fresno to spend time with Joey's parents and he went to go lay her down for her nap. When he went into check on her she had climbed out of the crib and was playing in the stroller. She took one look at him and went right on playing in the stroller. She LOVES changing her clothes all day long. She goes into her room and takes something new out and puts it on...usually inside and and backwards is her favorite way to wear her clothes. She's not picky...she'll wear something of mine, Joey's or the kids. It's pretty funny except at laundry time. Then it's annoying. Chloe saw the Dr. a couple of weeks ago and even the Dr. was amazed at how easily (and fast) she put her clothes on after the appt. while we were talking. I know I am amazed at her, but I'm her mom. I love it when she amazes other people. Especially her pediatrician! Chloe makes me nervous with her climbing, but it's 2nd nature for her. She is so agile. She climbs up her changing table with such ease. If I don't have her in my line of sight (even at home) I have to go run and find her....I feel like I never get anything done. But she's so much fun and I wouldn't change a single part of her little personality.

I painted the girls nails/toes and Chloe shows everyone (everyday) whether you've seen them once or 20 times. Then she says, "cute, cute, cute".
When we stop at a read light she says, "come on. go."
She likes to hit and push now when she says "no" (NONONONO is more like it). No one else likes that behavior. It usually ends up with a time out.
She is also loves horses like her big sister. She screams out NEIGH in the cutest little voice when she's sees a horse (or a cow). We're working on it...
Shoe & Sissy are her favorite new words.
She calls my mom Papa now instead of Coo-Coo.

Joey & I are getting ready to cruise with Joey's family. His parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary (wow!!!) next month and they wanted to take all us adult kids on a cruise to help celebrate. We're happy to help celebrate 40 years! We are so excited for more than one reason...May is also our anniversary month and it's going to be our 10th anniversary! We are so looking forward to it! I just can't believe it's been 10 years. It's true...time flies when you are having fun! And lots of fun we've had....and there's lots more fun to be had.

Phewww! Now I can cross "update the family blog" off my list.


I got ready for Easter the night before, ironing the kids clothes and Chloe woke up with green boogies in her eyes and a runny nose. I was bummed out to miss church on Easter morning, but I just can't put her in the nursery with all those other babies. We did still go to my parents house for brunch & an egg hunt. This was the first Easter in a long time we didn't go to Fresno in the afternoon. Joey's parents were in Southern California with Denise, Peter & the boys. So we had Michael, Suzanne, Shaun, their boys over to my parents house. My Aunt Glynis and Uncle Danny also came in from Fresno. My mom put on a huge spread: breakfast burritos, homemade salsa, french toast casserole, homemade whip cream, homemade fruit topping, mimosas, coffee, was all delicious. It was a really fun morning...the kids all played well together. They ran around outside even though it was chilly. Chloe fell asleep on the way home, but I had to change her diaper when we got home and she woke up and wouldn't go back down for the first time ever. Needless to say, bedtime couldn't come soon enough that night. I think she was overtired from the day before (we went to a birthday party). It was a full weekend of family and friends. I didn't take any pictures at my moms house with our camera...just these right before we left: