We tried to take the big kids to Disneyland in September, but it didn't work out.  Chloe has never been and she LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney channel and I didn't want her to outgrow that stage before we had a chance to take her.  We've never been at Christmas time and I've never seen the parade, so it seemed like there were too many "nevers" and we planned a trip.
We left on Wednesday, but told the kids we were leaving early for our family Christmas party in San Diego.  Beau had to go to the bathroom right as we were getting off the freeway to our hotel and the kids asked if we could use the bathrooms at Disneyland.  Boy were they surprised when we finally told them!  First went to downtown Disney.  Thankfully, Nana & Papa showed up to help us out!  We swam...and by we...I mean the kids.  It was a l i t t l e chilly, but they loved the water slide and spa at our hotel.  We stayed at the Grand Californian - it's awesome.  The tree in the lobby is amazing.  Thursday we woke up early and went straight into Disneyland.  We practically ran to Star Tours and Chloe was able to ride...she liked it too.  Joey's parents took turns with us riding rides and strolling the twins.  Without them it would have been a lot crazier.  We saw Santa, Chloe met Minnie Mouse and LOVED toon town.  In the late afternoon, Joey & I took the twins and Chloe back to the hotel so they could nap and I could work on cards.  He helped me get them down and then met his parents and Isabelle & Beau back at the park.  That night, I finally got to see the parade.  It truly is magical.  If you haven't been at Christmas, I highly recommend it....especially at night.  It's so much more beautiful at night.  After the parade, we went to California Adventure for a few rides...mainly Soaring over California and the Tower of Terror.  I loved "flying" over California.  Chloe did too.....this little girl is NOT afraid of heights.  Joey tried to take Chloe on Tower of Terror.  If I hadn't caught up to him it would not have been pretty.  Chloe was not happy about being left out until I showed her the elevator coming out and she heard all the screams.  : /   Chloe was able to ride a lot of rides...she's a pretty tall 3 year old.
Friday we were "on our own" - Joey's parents left.  We went to California Adventure first thing and they rode Buzz, Screamin', ferris wheels, jelly fish and they played and played.  We saw the green army men perform from Toy Story and then we went back to Disneyland.  We were a little bit of a spectacle with five kids - two of those being babies.  : )  We were not the only ones there with twin babies...I saw s few others strolling along with their double travel systems.  We got lots of comments. The twins were AMAZING.  They were so easy.  Chloe had a few meltdowns on Friday.

After we ran out of bottles, we had to get ready to leave and head to San Diego.  Dash cried almost the whole way there (and that was the worst part of the whole trip).  I got to spend time with my cousins and catch up on each others lives.  Once have this family party, I feel like it's officially the Christmas season.