weekend fun



She's so happy that we finally ordered her tire.  She wasn't able to ride her bike for a while.
Joey loves the new camera and Isabelle loves posing for the camera.  

Fake sleeping. 


Party time

Beau had a great time at the Hockey Game for Parker's birthday.  Here's a few pictures Joey snapped that night.

My Sweet Boy!

 The birthday boy!


Long weekends

The kids had a couple of long weekends at in February, but that's not what I'm referring to...Joey worked 2 weekends that month. At least they were "fun" things where we could go visit him.  The first was the Home Expo and the other was McMillin's Grand Opening of the 292 Neighborhood. It really was a lot of fun.  There was face painting, the SPCA was there with dogs, TaeKwan-Do show, dancers, Run4Cover, a car show, popcorn, food and lots of people.  My family tried to convince me to adopt a dog both days, but I think having 2 babies will keep me plenty busy in a few months.  The dogs were really cute in their defense.  On Saturday, Joey's parents, sister and the boys came down.  They took Beau back up to Fresno for Parker's birthday party.  Beau had a blast playing with his cousins.  It was a really busy day...I also signed the kids up for soccer and we picked up our Treasure Box (which is amazing).
On Sunday, I went out to the neighborhood again to see the car show.  The kids weren't happy when I told them we had to leave, but my feet ached and I was so tired.  Joey was very happy with the Grand Opening and the models are AMAZING!!!  It almost makes me want to move.  Almost.  : )