Emme & Dash are here!

Our world has been turned upside down with the arrival of our twins, Emme Rene & Dash Scott.  They are two and a half weeks old.  Sweet Emme made her debut first.  Dash flipped at the last minute and I had to have a C-section.  They are "easy" babies.  They only fuss if they are hungry, tired or need a diaper change.  Don't get me wrong...it's not easy...two is more work than I thought, but we've been blessed with a lot of helping hands.  Joey's parents stayed and did the night shift...talk about a blessing.  I felt like a walking zombie and I wasn't even up for night time feedings.
The kids are adjusting well.  It's a little crazy, but I love it.  They all love the babies and are eager to help.  Even Chloe likes to round up bottles and rinse them out in the sink.  I could go on and on about how fun and sweet Emme and Dash are, but I'm tired.  I feel like I say that a lot lately.  I will be posting more as I have time & energy (wishful thinking)!


I've missed a lot over the last few months.  Mostly because I don't have all the pictures I want to post.  At the end of April my girlfriends threw me a baby shower.  Every little detail was just perfect.  It was such a great night with some awesome friends.  I am so blessed!

My mom threw another shower for me the next weekend and that was amazing as well.  So many people coming together to celebrate these little blessings....it's so overwhelming!  Isabelle was able to come to this one and was so thrilled to be included.  

The kids had Open House and their performance at school....it was really cute.  The performance started about the time Chloe usually goes to bed so every few minutes all we heard was, "I want to go home."  The kids were adorable on stage.  I love to see the work they've done in the classroom.  We were totally blessed with great teachers again. It's always sad to end a great year, but I'm ready for summer!

Chloe turned 3 a few weeks ago and she got her wish....lots of "pink" presents.  I couldn't muster the energy for a "friend" birthday party and I felt bad, but she was happy with 2 family celebrations.  Joey's family came down and we were able to celebrate in our fabulous backyard!  Another thing she wanted was pizza...she asks for pizza almost everyday, so we told her for her birthday.  So my family met at Me & Ed's to celebrate her birthday, Connor & Megan's birthdays.  It was Chloe's actual birthday that night so it really seemed like "her" party...at least to her.  She unwrapped lots of pink presents from the wrapping paper, boxes, tissue paper and even the gifts.  She was so excited!  I can't believe my "baby" (not for long) is 3 now.  Everyday is an adventure with her! 

Oh...and our 11 year anniversary...how could I forget?  We celebrated earlier in the month.  You know...just in case the babies wanted to debut early.  We had our "last" night out.  That might be a little dramatic, but our last night out for a long while.  : )  It was nice to have some alone time.  Uninterrupted conversation and reflection back over these last 11 years.  To see how much we've grown and changed and where God has led us.  I wake up every morning next to the man I love.  Sometimes there's a kid between us though.  

panties on backwards....

party time

Papa had to help me out...it was a little windy

pizza & dip - 2 of her favs

a PINK bathing suit

princess cups - best $3.74 I ever spent.

$1 bin slinky...this kid is so easy to please

...and princess band-aids.  

We got "her" a blow up pool.  All the kiddos are enjoying it now.

a pink scooter from coo-coo & papa

 This is the sweetest gift.  My nephew Connor saved all his points from being good at school and redeemed them to get Chloe a necklace.  It was wrapped in the envelope above with a sweet note.  I know Chloe didn't quite understand, but I was so touched.  He's such a sweet boy.  

She put on the mermaid costume that my sister got her the next morning first thing, then moved on to her swimsuit and went swimming.  It wasn't that warm, but she loves her new suit!