6 weeks

The babies are 6 weeks old today.  It's very bittersweet.  I'm sad this is my last time experiencing having babies, but I know we are done.  I don't want to be pregnant or give birth again.  I'm trying to enjoy it all, but it's happening so fast and I'm so EXHAUSTED!  It's so much more work than you can imagine.  I can't imagine life without these littles though.  We are beyond blessed.  Joey started his 2nd week at his new job after being laid off at McMillin in mid April.  He was offered the job the day we brought the babies home.  What a relief!  It's been amazing to see God work in our lives...it's been quite the faith-building journey.  We cannot express our thanks enough to our family and friends for all their support.  God is good!

Gorgeous girl.

the little littles 

<3 them

Dashing Dash!

The Lake

Joey took the kids to the lake on the 5th for a little fun with Nana & Papa.  I'm sure you can tell from the photos they had a great time.  Chloe keeps asking to go on the boat. 

Little Miss Patriotic at 4 weeks old 
Emme rocking the double chin and couldn't be any cuter.

I love her


Mr. Man.  He looks like a man to me...it's that "receding" hair line look.

2 peas!


4th of July Family photo.   I'm sure our  family photos will turn out like this for many years to come

Preparing for the 4th of July block party

The girls helping (more like melting...it was so hot)

The girls swimming

My handsome husband the grill master 
Ping Pong

Beau couldn't wait to play

She picked all the black seeds out


The boys 

Chloe made a friend

Future water polo star.  Joey will be so happy.

Water balloon fight.
I only lasted outside for about an hour and a half.  I was melting.  It was my first time outside of the house for pure enjoyment.  My parents came over to stay inside with the babies so we could enjoy our party.  My sister came over to hang out and then helped me with the babies so Joey and the kids could enjoy the rest of the evening outside.  Chloe was ready for bed at 8pm and missed the fireworks.  She was pooped.  Then everyone went back to do some night swimming and watch a movie outside on the projector.  The neighbors did such a great job.  The backyard looked amazing with candles and the light from the pool.  I'm looking forward to next year already.


Coo-Coo & Dash.  First bath at home

Coo-Coo & Emme.  First Bath at home.

Soccer Camp

Chloe at Soccer camp watching the kids.

Father's Day.  Brooklyn holding Emme.  She's very patient when holding babies.  

Allie & Dash

Uncle Adam & both babies

Kids table.

Coo-Coo snuggling with Emme

She's so pretty.

A little smile from Dash

Daddy & Belle.  

The kids enjoying one of a couple desserts that night.

Papa & the babies

Daddy & all 5 of his kids!!!

New hair cut.  She donated to locks of love.