3 months

Emme & Dash are 3 months...time has flown by and at the same time crept so slow.  They sleep like champs (10-12 hours) and go to bed about the same times as the rest of the kiddos.   Dash is always smiling and cooing.  He even laughs and yes, it's adorable.  He moves around like crazy in his crib, so now they sleep separately.  Emme can be a bit of a fusser sometimes, but her smiles totally make up for it.  Her little eyes just light up when she smiles.  She sucks her thumb, holds her hands (like she's praying) and she sleeps like a rock and doesn't move.  She is VERY loud.  She can outcry her brother any day.  We still have lots of help (THANK YOU LORD!) and we appreciate every second of it.  We are now busy with soccer practices, games, AWANA, school & all that other stuff.  : )
Dash's smile is so sweet.

I love how she is content to hang out with brother & his arms are around and on her

Sweet M

Chloe helping feed Dash....he took over

Back to School....

The kids were happy to get back to school and see friends after a long summer with no vacations or water parks.  We did manage to swim a lot with friends. 
Sweet 3rd grader

Chloe needs to be in on the action

Cute little 2nd grader

Cousin time!

Swimming at Nana & Papa's

Cute swimmer

Another cute swimmer

My girls!