Trying to keep up

I wish I had more time to keep up on this blog, but you know the drill 3 kids & 2 babies doesn't leave me with a lot of spare time.  Here's what's new:

The kids are playing soccer again and loving it.  Isabelle scored a goal early on, but then seemed to hang back for some reason.  All of the sudden she decided to play and she was on fire!  She's so fast with her long legs!  She is loving 3rd grade and especially excited about science this year.  Loves to talk about what she is learning at school, awana & Sunday school.  She actually loves to talk about anything to anyone who will listen.  She loves one on one time.  I love get my alone time in with her, because she is so much fun to be with.  Beau is on a soccer team with one of his buds and is loving it.  He's upset they went down to one practice a week.   He has scored some goals.  I can't remember how many, because that's the kind of memory I have these days.  He's a good little player I love watching him play.  He turned 7 and had a family party at pizza and had a few school kids over for some wild & crazy fun.  He has more Lego's that he knows what to do with.  Chloe.  What to say about her?  She's 3 going on 13. I can't believe the sassy-ness sometimes.  She's so helpful with the babies.  She can't let anyone go anywhere without a hug and a kiss.  She will cry and cry if the kids leave without both.  If I run out to the store for 10 minutes, she runs and hugs me when I get back. She missed me.  I love it.  She loves dress up, pet shop & horses.  Emme is so pretty with her big bluer than blue eyes and curly eyelashes.  She is BIG!  She is bigger than Dash.  She is more reserved, doesn't smile as often, but when she does it's the sweetest!  She coos & talks if you give her your full attention.  She watches the kids play, she grabs things and puts them in her mouth, she rolls over, she is the BEST sleeper.  She is a good baby!  We love her to pieces.  Dash is a wiggle worm.  He is so busy.  He reminds me of Isabelle as a baby. I think it's possible that he's even happier than Isabelle was when she was a baby.  He will smile at a white wall.  Just give him a smile if you want to see his face light up.  He loves to gnaw on anything, his hands, your hands, toys & blankets.  He doesn't enjoy sleep as much as his sister, but still sleeps 8 hours on a "bad" night.  10 is pretty average for him, though we do get 12 every now and again.  I really can't complain.  Joey is happily employed again and even "had" to go on a helicopter ride for work.  Life is good.  I decided to start playing soccer a few months back and broke my arm (elbow).  It was a huge disaster, but the Lord has blessed me with amazing ladies that stepped in to "babysit" me.  I had friends over to help hold & feed babies.  My arm is pretty much healed now and I am so humbled by the generosity of my friends.  It's so much different with 2 babies.  I rarely go out with them (and never by myself).  Some days I'm trying to keep my head above water and I need so much help.  Other days are smooth and easy.  I get laundry done and dinner prepared.  It's never the same, but I love it.  I try to remind myself that these days are precious and will be gone before I know it.  It's not always easy to see that in the midst of chaos.  


We let him open gifts before school.

Family Dinner.  He invited one of his neighborhood buds.  

My sister & Dash.  I'm sure there is a smile on his face even though we can't see it.  ; )

Best Cousins.  

Isabelle & Megan posing.

I just wanted a picture.  I should have known better.  They wanted to goof around.

What? A Lego set?  Wow!  Shocker.  : )3

The school "buds"