One week

One week can fly by sometimes and other times drag.  Last week dragged, because we had a little stomach bug that made it's way through our family.  It was not fun.  This week hopefully goes by much quicker, because we have our sonogram next week.  We get to find out if these two babies are boys, girls or one of each.  I really have no preference.  My prayer is that they are both healthy.  That's all I want.  I did have a dream last week that they are two girls.  Joey had a dream a while ago that they are two boys.  I'm so curious.  One more week!


Isabelle was my talker early on and loved to talk, talk, talk.  Beau didn't use phrases or sentences until he was 3 and Chloe is somewhere in between.  There's just something so cute about they way little ones talk.  Chloe is such a cute little talker! Here are some of my favorite words/phrases:

dipey (diaper)
showy (shower)
appy juice (all juice is apple juice - even jamba juice)
your welkin (your welcome)
I luh you
where ma binky go?
you love choey? (chloe)
princey (princess)
Bookin (Brooklyn - her cousin)
You not get out (when she tries to trap you in a room)
I hungy or Ima hummy (I'm hungry)
daddy (or papa) at wuk (work)
bess you (after you sneeze or cough)
you got unawear on?

The list could go on and on and on.  She is talking a lot more...I just wish I could understand it all.

Snow day

Joey took the Belle & Beau to the Snow on Saturday.  I decided to stay home with Chloe since I didn't have any snow pants that fit...I actually did find a pair that could have worked, but they didn't have an elastic waist and I would have been uncomfortable the whole time.  Not to mention my morning sickness decided to visit again.  Windy roads didn't sound very fun.  I'm glad they were able to spend some time in the snow before school started back today.