My little helper

Beau helped me make dinner tonight.  Mixer = a toy in a little boys mind.


Legos - possibly the greatest invention ever.  My kids could spend hours making a mess.  I mean building new creations out of legos.

 on my way to Sutton's baby shower
 my girls

I did her hair, but it was out before I got back from the baby shower.

Joey took them to Lowes to the Build and Grow workshop. 

 The girls watching the show Chloe's Closet.  

8 years

Isabelle is now 8 years old.  I blinked and now I'm afraid to blink again...another 8 years and she'll have her license.  Yikes!  Isabelle's middle name is Joy (my grandma's name - love you gram!) and she truly is a JOY to us.  Her smile lights up the whole room.  She's got such excitement for life.  She loves to read, learn new things and ask tons of questions, which her daddy loves and usually has an answer for her.  She loves Taylor Swift and is obsessed with horses.  She wants a horse, she draws horses, reads about horses, wears clothes with horses, puts up posters of get the idea.  I love that she still wants to hold my hand in public and hug me at school.
We started the morning with Joey taking her to get donuts and we came home and put candles on it and sang happy birthday to her.  She opened up one present from us - a color by numbers horse picture.
For her birthday "party" this year I told her she could invite one friend to spend a girls day in Fresno.   We met our out of town friends to do some shopping, lunch & nails in Fresno.  She was able to buy herself some toys (horses, of course) and lip gloss.  We bought her a bunch of spring clothes from Justice that she got to pick out herself.  We had lunch at BJ's with the birthday pizookie.  The girls got their toenails painted - complete with fancy little flowers.  Isabelle is always asking me to take her to get her nails done, but the answer is always's something we save for special occasions.  I wish I would have taken some pictures in Fresno - I'm so terrible at that when I'm having a good time.