The girl is 9!  Isabelle wanted a bowling party.  We had a few girls join us and I have to say it's the perfect party.  No muss, no fuss.  I highly recommend it.  Bowling party was Sunday and her birthday is today (Monday). She opened her gifts first thing in the morning.  I had streamers & balloons and other decorations.  We went to the dentist - no cavities for the 3 big kids!  Isabelle brought cupcakes to school and her friends had little gifts for her (erasers).  Isabelle picked Me n Ed's for dinner and then Baskin Robbins for ice cream.  She was so happy!  She's such and easy kid to make happy.  I can't believe how fast these last nine years have flown by.  She's growing into such a beautiful young lady.
Pinterest cake

My helpers & the cake makers, Allie & Cassidy

Let's Bowl!

Belle & Maddie


Focused...she packs some power!

Beau almost knocked her off and this is her surprised face.  


their most favorite lanes to bowl in (at the end) so they can play on the  bars


make a wish

tie-dye cake

he loves her - always by her side



February was spent trying to keep my babies well after Dash had 2 double ear infections and 1 single ear infection.  Emme got a black eye - the first of many, I'm sure.  The kids camped out in the backyard in the tent.  Joey slept with them and Chloe, the twins and I slept inside.  They said it was freezing, but they loved it.  We camped with the Collins family and had a great time.  We camped at Pismo Sands.  It was way too much work and we probably won't go back until the babies can sleep in a bed.  Camping with 2 pack n play's was too much.  I'm hoping the twins are in beds by 18 months.....I hate cribs....I think because all the kids have been climbers.  That's another subject!  : )  

Emme's shiner

Chloe loves to hold the babies

sweet girls

Daddy working hard

Emme enjoying the fresh air

Dash trying to stay warm


spending some time together before bed - the first night was awful, but the 3rd night wasn't so bad

donuts and sunshine

we were directly across from the pirate ship.  this is the BEST campsite ever!

watching the kids

looking both ways before crossing back to the pirate ship


sandy bottom

it's better going dow this way

so much fun


Chloe's turn

loves to camp

loves to camp, too

Collins Family breakfast at Apple Farm

my little helpers

We need two tables

Mom & Eric

just visiting with each other

the "other" table  ; )

our table

my girls

she loves food

the guys

the gals

dad and Shannon

Me & my Dashy!