Par-tay Pictures!

Decor - candy cups, straws and popcorn bags (not pictured) from Glitter Daisy Shop on Etsy.  Invitations & happy birthday banner done by me, of course! I went to Hobby Lobby to purchase the fabric, frames and tissue paper for the pom-poms.  I actually got crafty and made the fabric garland and pom-poms. 

My friend made the onsie's for Dash & Emme and the felt circle garland.  I'm going to make her baby announcement/Christmas card!  

Cake was made by my friend, Nandie.  I met her at MOPS.  She is so very creative with cookies & cakes!  I highly recommend her.  

Some of the party-goers.  Finally got a picture of the The Gendron Cousins that included the twins.  

Some of the littlest party goers


Emme & Dash are one year old!  Let me tell you that having a baby is so very different than having two babies.  Two babies with very different personalities, might I add.  So much more work than just having one at a time.  I felt like it was much easier to pick up and go somewhere for the afternoon, because most people have 1 portacrib, high chair, exersaucer etc.  But not everyone has 2, so your packing up everything just for a simple day trip.  I wouldn't change it though.  Those of you who have twins know the great treasure it is to see them interact with each other.  Emme and Dash talk to each other when they wake up in the morning, they laugh at each other and tackle each other.  They get into trouble together.  They wave at each other.  It's really a sight to see and I can't wait to see how much closer they get.  It's also been fun for the big kids to each get more chances to interact with babies.  They also know it's a lot of work. Isabelle looks at pictures of them as newborns and misses all the snuggling they used to do.  I told her it would go quickly, but she didn't understand.  :)

Emme is more reserved and cautious with new things, she eats slowly and with great purpose to get everything in her mouth, she talks a lot, she will smile at you if she knows you (just like Chloe), she will sit on your lap and play, read and snuggle, she loves to play in the water, she lays right down and goes to sleep, she has to have Dash in the room (crying or not), she is more patient when waiting for food or to be picked up, and she loves chase Dash

Dash is the first do start the climbing, he doesn't have a lot fear and just wants to go, when we swim, he's mad that I won't let him go (just like Belle was), he smiles all the time, he shoves food towards his mouth and might get some of it in, he loves food and smacks his lips while he eats, he cries every time we lay him down to sleep, he doesn't like to sit and snuggle or read, he's very impatient and panics if he doesn't get his needs met right away, he doesn't like strangers (like Beau), he loves Emme to chase him, he loves blankets and I often find all of Emme's blankets in his crib.\

One of the biggest things I see is the HUGE difference in boys and girls.  To be able to see it side by side at the same age is great.  The different things they gravitate towards makes us laugh.  Dash loves to play with balls - footballs, basketballs, golf balls and anything that's round. Dash loves the play kitchen, but mostly to open and close the doors.  He seems to like the wheels on the trains & cars that we have.  He doesn't get to play with them a lot, because most of them are for older kids, but if they are out, he will find it!

Emme will sit and turn through pages of a book, she will play with dolls and she loves the play kitchen and food.  She also loves the horses that the big girls play with, so we may have another horse lover in the house.  She loves the play cell phone and puts it up to her ear to talk.  She loves brushes and tries to brush her own hair.  She loves clothes.  If she finds any laying around, she will try to put them on (unsuccessfully).

Overall this year has been amazing, but really hard at the same time.  I've had to take a break from MOPS, church nurseries and keeping busy outside of the house.  I've had to rely on the Lord more for those days I felt like I couldn't wait for Joey to walk through the door (when he had only been gone 30 minutes!).   My love for my husband and each of my kids has grown.  Nothing is better than seeing your family care for sweet little babies.  It shows their tenderness, kindness, love and patience.  Seeing the love of God shine through your husband and little ones!  I'm thankful that trying for our 4th baby gave us 4 & 5!  I can't imagine life without these two precious ones!
1 day old
sweet faces


Going home - the day Joey was offered his job at Edison.  

1 YEAR OLD!  We love you Emme & Dash!!!

I will post more pictures from their birthday party in the next post. 


May is one of my favorite months, because it's filled with the promise of summer and nice weather.  We seem to spend a lot of time outside.  It's also a crazy month filled with the end of year activities for school, crazy projects (each kid had 3 big projects within a few weeks), Mother's Day, name it, I felt like we did it!
The kids Open House night was crazy, because Joey was trying his best to get back into town for it, but he got home right as we did.  The babies did really well through the performance, but did not enjoy being in the classrooms.  Too many people in a small space (and too many people giving them attention) and they had it....screaming and ready for bed. It was not very enjoyable for me, but I did my best.  The kids were adorable in their performances.
Joey & I went to Cabo with 6 other couples and had the BEST time.  It was so hard to come home.  We didn't bring our camera, so we are waiting on all our friends pictures.  So when I have some I will do a separate post.  It fell during our 12th anniversary, so it was perfect timing!  We happened to be there on Chloe's 4th birthday, so I did a little birthday party for her the Monday before we left at Chuck E. Cheese's.  She loved it and I don't think she cared that we missed her actual birthday since Nana & Papa threw her a party, complete with pizza, cake and gifts.
climbing is in the genes

smiling boy

beautiful girl
A daddy's girl

throwing the football with dad

roller girl

loves the razor

what's up?

playing with Emme

wearing sister's helmet

time to eat


Beau's performance

Isabelle's performance

twins watching the performance

it's safe to say he likes Chuck E. Cheese's

pretty girl

Happy Cowgirl

uncle & the babies

C opening gifts

The kids dancing with Chuck E.