I haven't been to Yosemite in years......probably 25 years.  Isn't that sad?  Only 2.5 hours away and we never take advantage of living so close to this beautiful place!  We decided we want to go every year and as the twins get bigger, we will actually camp there.

We got to Curry Village, Chloe got out of the car in her flip flops.  We told her to put on her "running" shoes, but we never actually checked to make sure.  Once I started walking around, I noticed my shoes felt funny.  I looked down and the bottom layer of rubber was peeling off my hiking boots.  I did buy them my sophomore year of HS, so I guess I was really pressing my luck.  Thankfully, we only went on a 1/2 mile hike.  The babies were pretty good.  Emme was a little fussy with the windy road, but not too bad.  We had a nice lunch and hike and then it got warm.  We spent a little while trying to figure out where to go in the water.  The babies were fussy and Joey and I were getting cranky. We found the perfect spot on the "beach" in the shade.  The water was cold (I only put my feet in).  Joey & the big kids got in and we let the babies get their feet wet.  Dash cannot go in rivers, lakes or public swimming pools because of his tubes.  The babies cried after we put them back into the stroller...partly because Dash only slept for a 1/2 hour and Emme hadn't slept at all.  After everyone else was too cold to swim any longer, we packed it up and headed home.

The ride home was quiet, until just before Oakhurst when Dash woke up and threw up.  I guess it was too much on his little tummy.  I get really carsick too, so I feel for him!  Joey pulled over and we got to work cleaning it up.......so gross.  I hate car vomit.  It's the worst.  At least it was just the once.  We stopped at Me n Ed's in Oakhurst and had dinner.  The rest of the ride home was easy.  We got home at 9:30, raced to clean up the car, bathe the kids and get them in bed.  It was a loooooong day, but really fun.  I'm excited to do it again.

Just arrived at Yosemite!

Dash is very excited about it!

Exploring Curry Village

Meet this deer...some idiot was feeding her a banana, even though it clearly states just about everywhere NOT to feed the animals.  Regardless, it was very cool to see a deer this close....the kids were very excited about it!

Starting our "hike" to Happy Isles

Explorer Isabelle

Chloe, Isabelle & Beau

My view

On the Bridge at Happy Isles

Beau & Belle on the bridge



This is what happens when you decide to wear 16 year old shoes.  Left one went first and the right shortly after that.  Good thing I brought flip flops and we weren't on a long hike.  

On our way back

3 little monkeys

Best spot with the best view

The opposite side...covered in rocks.  They just had to check it out.

Chloe didn't want to be left out, but it was cold!

Swimming to daddy

Too cold for him

Gorgeous view!

Daddy & Chloe

I needed to be in a few pictures, too!  : )

Not happy after we took them out of the water.  

Laying out and warming up on the other side

snack time

Tunnel View on our way home

July 4th

We were pretty mellow this year.  Adam, Stephanie & Brooklyn came over, my sister and then Allie and her boyfriend stopped by.  We swam for a little while at the neighbors and then we did fireworks.

play time

June photos

Last day of school

My two thumbsuckers with the bluest eyes.

swimming in the "big" pool


trying to peek at the baby birds

waiting to peek at the birdies
The twins got this slide from Nana & Papa.  They really love it.

Chloe was having a rough day.

Go-gurts are yummy

Dash loves go-gurts too

Father's Day - attempting to get a picture...

....not yet

It's not happening for a few years.  

Dash snuggling on Papa on Father's Day

Eating mac n cheese out with a spoon

Emme loves feeding herself!

They don't like to eat alone

Napping at Nana & Papa's house.  She needs him.  This makes my heart happy.

His favorite spot on the couch.

Cute girls