Saying Good-bye

We have a dog.  Well, we had a dog that we gave to Joey's brother & parents right before we moved into this house 4 years ago (has it been that long?).  We had no backyard and no plans to put one in for a long time (it took 3 years).  I guess, technically, she is their dog, but she's still our Haley.  She's not doing very well and probably won't make it much longer, so we went up to Fresno Sunday morning to say our last good-byes.  Poor Haley couldn't even get up.  As we left, the kids were saying, "Goodbye, girl.  We love you."  

Haley under the motor home

The babies really enjoyed watching her, even though she just sat there
The kids trying to coax her out

Joey had to go to her.  She was happy to see him, but still didn't move much

Best dog in the world.  Just a sweet little lab from the SPCA.  We really got a good one.  When the twins are a bit older, we will get another dog from the SPCA.

new name

It's about time, right?  After all, My Three Lambs has turned into F I V E!  After much thought about a name that represented me (and my family), I decided on Wink N Whistle.  If you want to hear why, then go to

8 is Grrrrreat!

I never knew having a boy could be so much fun!  Beau has shown me so much about boys and even brothers.  I now understand some of the things my brothers did to me, or should I say did to annoy me? Anyway, boys have this need to be loud, pester, wrestle, jump and be downright crazy.  I understand it now.  This little guy is still so sweet. Here's a little bit about Beau:
Still falls asleep easily and early
Wakes up at the crack of down
Makes his own lunch
Loves to help with dinner
Loves to climb (up poles and across them) 
Loves nerf guns
Started showing more interest in watching sports on TV
Loves to play football and pass the ball around at home (me too)
Loves soccer
Loves math
Loves Legos (duh!)
Was invited on a weekend camping trip with his friends family
Loves superhero movies (Spiderman, Avengers, Thor, Captain America, X-men, etc)
Loves cars and knows the difference between them
Favorite shows - Top Gear, Ninjago, Star Wars Clone Wars, Good Luck Charlie, Mythbusters, Man vs. Wild, American Ninja Warrior 
Loves video games - especially racing ones
Lost 3 teeth and working on one more
Got a new BMX bike
Loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid books
Is a big help with the babies. 
He loves having a brother 
He's very modest and gets embarrassed easily
He's very predicable, likes routine and growing up too fast. 

Birthday banner - had to get up early before our soccer games to have our little family breakfast party

There's dollar bills in those balloons

On a scavenger hunt to find his last gift

Dash is really enjoying all the commotion

popping the balloons to get the money

birthday cake pancakes

Legos, of course

I have no idea what she's doing, but it makes me laugh

Emme's trying to get some attention and Dash needs to rest his foot on his tray

Beau took 3 friends to see the Avengers, then to pizza and ice-cream

Beau & Cole

Boys & games 

Boys are so silly.  Give them lots of soda, candy and junk food and they become WILD!

We couldn't get a non-silly photo

Yep, more silliness
 This ended up being a long day, but a fun one.  After our little party at home, we headed out to soccer. Joey's parents and my sister came to watch.  Then Nana & Papa brought home In-n-Out burgers.  Isabelle went to a friends house and another birthday party while we took Beau and his friends to the movies & dinner.  Even though they were wild, the party was awesome and Beau loved his day.

The weekend before school started, we took the kids to the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific.  We spent the afternoon there exploring and then had dinner with my Aunt, Uncle & cousin's family.  It was a quick trip, but a lot of fun.

Patiently waiting to go in.

Hanging out with Dory from Nemo.  Do you see her in the background?

Watching the jellyfish swim.

Dash does not care for the stroller.  He needs to explore

Checking out the sharks.

This shark swam over to where Chloe & I were, and it lifted it's scary saw edged nose at us.  Chloe started shrieking and trying to jump out of my arms and run away.  It was, I mean really sad.  She recovered and we went around the other side to view the sharks from the glass wall (instead of the open pool).

Just hanging out with some penguins.

Touching jellyfish.  Don't worry, they didn't sting.

Emme was using the tag on Chloe's sweatshirt to sooth herself to sleep.  I think she had too much fun.
This boy just can't read for more than a few minutes at night before he ends up like sawing logs.

Go-gurts are fun to eat, right Dash?

Ponytail + thumb sucking + taggie blanket = Adorable Emme

Dirt + dump truck + being outside = happy Dash 

Emme loves to wear other people's clothes.  This is my hupernikao shirt.  This is my good friends, website for athletic apparel with a message.  Please check it out.  

Bulls eye!  Poor Dash took a bad spill off the couch.  

I love going out on dates with this guy.  He makes me happy.

Checking out the Wee-Ride for the first time.  We really need to purchase another one.  They both loved it.

Dash was ready to go.  Emme is ready to run away.
Emme & Beau - my two blue-eyed, snugglers and thumb suckers.


First Day of preschool!

She looks a little nervous, but she wasn't she loves it!

Beau & Chloe

Isabelle had to have a horse shirt


Refused a haircut

Sweet Beau

4th and 3rd graders

3 big kids

This is the 3rd year we've had this teacher.  Isabelle for 2nd and 3rd, and now Beau has her for 3rd.  She is unanimously their favorite teacher. 

Gets to  stay an hour longer, PE twice a week,  gets to be a playground pal,  is on the other side of the blacktop, running for student council.  This beautiful girl is growing up too fast.