Isabelle opening stockings

spinning toothbrush

Dr. Pepper lipsmacker

opening the "big" gifts

excitement! Isabelle got U-Draw for the PS3

I think they like their gifts

So happy!


So pretty

B&C playing...what they do best

Uncle & Dash

Megan and the girls


Mr. Smiley

not so happy about getting this..

back to smiling...he's so easy

Our little family.  ; )

C&P with the twins

C&P with the gkids

doing "June Ballerina"

Connor & Beau checking out Star Wars

Auntie Deni and Emme

2 of my boys looking so handsome.  

Me & Emme

Rosa Maria & Luisa & Dash

Cellene & Emme

Nana & Santa

Beau & Santa...B got to be one of Santa's helpers this year

They are so cute!

Belle & Santa

Chloe got an outfit and she HAS to put it in right then and there.

Uncle & Dash


Time to DANCE!

Nana & Dash

Chloe is entertaining everyone

Now Isabelle is helping entertain

Dash & Jake
Christmas day was filled with non-stop fun & family time.  We woke up and opened presents & stockings, then we headed over to my parents for breakfast and presents.  The kids put together their gifts  and couldn't wait to play.  We had to play another game of Left, Right, Center (Beau won!) and then finally got ready to head to Fresno.
We started with gifts this year.  Chloe would not sit on Santa's lap, but she did give him a fist bump.  She said that he was the BAD SANTA.  I guess after seeing the one at Disneyland and the one Nana had over a few days before, she wasn't falling this other her defense, the other two were pretty amazing.  They could have been the real thing, for all I know.  ; )  We did dinner, the gift card game and dancing.   I really love Christmas.  It's so busy, but I wouldn't trade it for all the fun memories we are making.  We did all sleep (at least) 10 hours that night.

Christmas Eve

What do you want for Christmas, Beau?  Lego sets.

We have more in the garage. 

Eat, drink and be merry!


Auntie Steph & the girls

Allie feeding Dash

Adam & mom

crazy girls

jalepenos stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped with bacon and topped with bbq sauce.  

sin dip - thank you pinterest

It wouldn't be a family get together if Beau didn't get to wrestle with someone...

Time to eat for Dash

playing, playing, playing

present time - annual pj's

Chloe had to put them on ASAP!  

they're on backwards.  ; )
 We had a great afternoon/evening just hanging out, eating, drinking, talking, eating, playing games and eating.  My parents came, my sister, Nicole, Adam, Steph, the girls and Steph's parents.  If you couldn't tell, there was a lot of eating going on.  We had a gift card exchange and we played Left, Right, Center - everyone's new favorite game.  I think the kids could have played all night, but were too afraid Santa wouldn't stop by if they didn't get in bed.  We scattered our reindeer food on the lawn, set out cookies and put the kids to bed.  Joey put together the Beau's Razor 360 while I finished wrapping gifts and stocking stuffers.  At one point every kid, but Dash was up (midnight).  They thought it was Santa, I guess.  After we got them back into bed, we finished up and went to bed.  I'm so glad they let us sleep until 7:30am.