10 months

It seems crazy that 10 months have passed since the twins have arrived.  Longest and shortest 10 months of my life!  
bright blue eyes, with long curly eyelashes
reserved, but affectionate
walks along furniture
2 teeth
loves bananas
hates peaches
has a raspy voice
loves to be chased (Chloe loves to chase her)
says dada
babbles a lot
screams really loud
gets angry with big tears in a split second
likes to pull Dash's hair
has little curls in the back of her hair
sucks her thumb
loves to sit and snuggle after she wakes up
more content to sit (than her brother)
loves bath time and puts face in water
puts everything in her mouth - loves to eat paper
loves to play with necklaces
is a chunky monkey - has some seriously squeezable thighs

4 teeth
loves food
loves to flail arms & legs as fast as he can
taking steps
loves to laugh
has the biggest smile
has curly hair in the back
has crazy cowlicks in the front
brown eyes
loves to make noise - bang toys on table, doors and walls
loves to open cabinet doors
loves remotes (attacks Beau when he plays video games)
loves bath time & puts face in water
is able to get his arm out of his long sleeve onsie
loves to try to take off his own clothes (just like Chloe)
says dada
babbles a lot
has super strength - it's sort of shocking how strong this kid is
looks long and skinny, but is a bit of a chunk in his thighs

  Both of the babies love their siblings.  Dash is getting more and more attached to me when people he doesn't know are around.  He's worse when he has an ear infection.  If he gets on more in the next few months, he will be evaluated for tubes.  Emme doesn't seem to have those same problems as him.  They both still sit in their infant carriers...that's the longest we've ever kept a baby in one of those!  It's so convenient, so we are hoping they can stay at least until their first birthday before we move them into their "big" car seats.  We went to a friends house and she crawled around independently and had a good time, but Dash cried unless I held him.  The are starting to play with each other more and more.  I hear them laughing together.  I had to put their cribs next to each other, because Dash kept opening the shutters on his side.  Now when they wake up they are facing each other, usually talking and laughing.  It's pretty cute.  I can't wait for more interaction.  

I'm just now starting to go out more with them (by myself).  I've made a few trips to the grocery store & target with them.  It's definitely not very convenient, but it's a little easier than it was a few months ago.  I cook more and clean....two things I thought would never happen again!  : ) 

great minds think alike

they are two peas in a pod

enjoying some frozen blueberries for his sore gums

bottle time

she's starting to pose for the camera more and more

pretty girl

silly boy




I love Chloe's face in this one

Allie & Dash

time to dig into candy

finding eggs

Joey & Dad

Chloe & Coo-Coo

Chloe & her candy

Chloe & Dash

Dash needs saving from the grass

My boys

head stand...

Not loving the grass at all

Brooklyn & Dash

cute girls

love that Dash will stay on the blanket

look who's not afraid of the dirt or grass....

Emme in her new headband
We had a pretty low key Easter this year.  We've been steering clear of all nurseries for the twins, so we didn't go to church.  We've been missing it, but it's just so hard when you have a sick baby (let alone 2 sick babies).  We went over to my parents house, had brunch,  an Easter egg hunt, lots of playing and the kids stuffed themselves with candy all day long.