Soooooooo.....I realize that it's been 9 months since we've been to Cabo, and I said I would post pictures, but I had to wait for everyone else to send me photos since we didn't take our camera.  All I can say is that it was the most amazing vacation and we are looking forward to going again with everyone to celebrate the next set of 40th birthdays.  : )

The Girls at The Office.  Great food, drinks, company and weather

The guys

Dinner at the Japanese Restaurant.  

Hanging by the pool.  Ally & her cute baby bump

Brooke, Christina, Me & Marie.

Love this man

2nd was so cold (notice the ponchos the restaurant provided)


Waiting for the wives to get ready

Me and the birthday girls!  I love these girls.  They are such a shining example of God's love, friendship and grace.   I'm so thankful to have them in my life!  We loved celebrating their 40th birthday with them.

Lover's Beach

Gordo Lele's.  Best food EVER.  If you are in Cabo San Lucas, you MUST go there.  Such a memorable lunch.  

Us with Aric & Brooke

The Guys

Mexico's Finest Showgirls.  I think this was Therse's idea.  :)

Shopping downtown day

pre-dinner photo

the guys on the first night...just us 3 couples.

Emme & Dash are 20 months

I'm so behind on documenting these twins!  I don't have a baby book, and even if I did, I wouldn't fill it out.  Let's be real, right?  It's not happening.  Sorry kids.

Emme is taller, weighs a pound more (28 pounds), but it feels like 5 pounds more.  She is very independent, more patient (most of the time) and fairly easy going.

Both babies say:
hope (dog that we dog sit)
where'd he go
I don't know
oh yeah

Dash will pretty much repeat anything.  He says (and I'm sure there's more):
blue berries and berries (sounds like "bays")
grapes (sounds like "ga")

Dash is our talker, where we can understand him.  He tries to say words/phrases.  Emme will babble and talk, but we don't know what she's saying.  If she's in the mood, she'll repeat words, but only if she wants.  She has a little sassy attitude sometimes, where she will cross her arms and/or run away from us.  Dash just runs for dear life when he knows he's going to be in trouble for something.  He thinks it's funny.  They love to put themselves in time out with the big kids....I'm sure that won't last long.  :)

They both climb so much.  On the tables, on the counters, dressers, beds, nigh stands, dressers.  I turn around to get one down, and the other is on another surface.  They are exhausting, but so much fun.  I'm also a little proud of their crazy skills.  They are pretty amazing.

Since they are in big beds, nap time has been a challenge.  We have to sit in there, and make sure they don't play.  Bedtime is better, since it's dark, but they still will get up sometimes.  In fact, last night, Emme kept getting in bed with Dash.  He was pretty ticked, because he really just wanted to go to sleep.  He was really tired.  She just wouldn't leave him alone.  I had to sit outside the door for an hour before she gave up and went to sleep.  We don't have to do that as often as we did in the beginning.  It's been about a month now.  I am NOT a crib person.  I hate cribs, so don't feel sorry for me.  I would much rather my kids be in beds.  You have to train them sometime, so why not when they are little?  Emme has usually falls asleep first (nap time), and wakes up first, then wakes up Dash.  Sometimes I can get him back to sleep, but not usually.

I do love that they are so different, but it has so many challenges.  She will eat more, but snack less.  She'll sit in her high chair for a long time.  He eats and then wants out to play.  He's grabbing more food and shoving it in his mouth as I lift him out of his high chair.  He does snack more during the day, so I think that's why he doesn't eat as much at meals.   I do love to see their interaction with one another.  They make each other laugh, comfort each other when they are sad, help each other when they are in trouble.  Just today at the park, Dash helped Emme with the last few steps on the Rock wall.  He grabbed her hands and pulled her up.  It was so cute.

Play time is getting so much easier.  We have child safety locks (Dash learned how to get them off), so now we just shut the doors of the rooms they don't belong in and they have free run of the house.  They are getting better about playing in their room, but they prefer to be with me or climbing on things they don't belong on.   We do spend time outside (almost) everyday.  We got sick, so we stayed in, but now that they are feeling's outside we go.  Burn some energy.

We've gotten to the let's cry every time a family member leaves.  When daddy leaves for work, when my mom goes home, when we drop the kids off at makes the car ride home lots of fun.  :(

Both babies got their molars (4 each)!  It was really crappy.  Need I say more?

Dash has busted through 2 sets of child door locks and a dish washer lock.  I feel like every time we put up a blockade or child safety stuff, he's like Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother..........Challenge Accepted.  He really does think of everything as an obstacle to get around or a challenge to conquer.  I can only hope he will be like this forever.  It is a good thing....just a pain right now.  Emme relies on Dash's strength to get the things she wants/needs.  She can do a lot herself, but she doesn't have the desire to do all of it, but she will follow him.  She's so girly.  She still eats with dainty little fingers, tippy toes around the house, plays with babies, wears pretty sunglasses and jewelry.    She loves to put on/take off clothes.  She loves to wear every ones shoes.  Dash just barrels through the house.  He's like a bull in a china shop.

It's dinner time, so that's enough for now.  I'm going to try to update know, for my mom and my grandma.  And one day, I'll print this and it can be their baby book.  ;)

January 2013

Already obsessed with power tools


Say Cheese

Say Cheese

He's such an antagaonizer

Chloe dressed him up in her bikini

Isabelle & Emme

Little boy

Big boy hair cut

Sick girl

My two thumbsuckers

Adventure Park

Watching Daddy and Isabelle Race

Sweet boy

Big kid beds.  New room.  Learning to stay in bed is always fun.  We had to put them in beds since they kept climbing out.  The would climb out in the dark and we were afraid they would hurt themselves. 

Sicky boy

crazy sleeper

He's thirsty

This is my favorite thing Chloe has brought home so's totally her.  I LOVE this age.  It's so much fun to see them learn and grow.


Bundled up

Emme's doing sissy's hair

Wink Eye

December 2012 continued

Christmas Eve
We had Christmas Eve at our house.  We ate, we drank, we played games.  It was fun, but an early night, because we all had Christmas morning prepping to do.  

Chloe blessing the food



My handsome boy

Dash & Uncle

Mustache Man

Spreading the reindeer food.

Playing Left Right Center

Serious hair do making going on

Christmas morning.  We had our neighbors dog while they traveled.  

Stocking time

Still a little sleepy

Opening her horseback riding certificate

getting ready to open their "big" gifts.  We got them crappy Android Tablets.   We returned them the next day, because they were so terrible.  We ended up getting them Kindle Fire HDs.  You get what you pay for....if it's cheap, then it's CHEAP and might be a piece of junk.  Should have just gotten them the Kindle's in the first place.  They LOVE them.  

Chloe and Brook got new Razors.  You have to wiggle your bottom to make it go faster.  We had a blast watching them on Christmas morning.  They were hilarious!

Daddy's girl.

This was the first year we didn't have to go to Fresno in years.  We would usually pack up our gifts from my parents,  head home, let the babies nap, then head to Fresno for another round of Christmas fun.  This year, Joey's parents went to see Denise and her family in Southern California.  Suzanne and Shaun went too.  Michael came down to spend the day with us.  It ended up being a great, relaxing day, but I wouldn't want to make it a tradition.  We really missed our Gendron Christmas.