May 2014

Why is May so busy?  It was crazy.  My pictures are not in order and I'm too lazy to arrange them.  We have a little tradition of Joey taking the kids to Disneyland for their birthday (kindergarten year).  For Beau it was his 5th birthday, but for the girls it was their 6th.  It was a very fun surprise!  

favorite pic

Map,  just in case she couldn't find her way down the slide

anther fav.  

This.  This was her favorite ride.  Really?  She could have gone to Hanford to ride the carousel!   LOL!

Track meet.  

High jumper

Duck lips?  How does she know about this?  

making bengiets

potty training is finally happening for reals this month.  Emme's a breeze and totally potty trained.  Dash needs a little more practice.

couldn't find her.  she snuck ice cream cones from the pantry and was eating them under her covers.

dirt.  favorite spot.

his face.  i just love it.

they make me tie their towels on them so they can be elsa.  we put on the frozen sound track and they act it out for us.

dress up

most of my car rides are like this.  I'm not joking.  One or the other.  Or both.  

mother's day.  put them to work

another truck.  this was daddy's (and/or uncle michael's) truck from 30+ years ago.  He loves it.

mother's day

Beau went with nana and papa for the weekend.  they looked at missions and spoiled him with his favorite foods.

dinner out with friends

celebrating Marie's birthday.  

getting ready to leave for Disneyland

I purposely planned for them to wear the same top.  I will keep it for Emme to wear on her trip.  

our pool

he only swims for a little bit at a time, warms up, then gets back in

my little viola player

Isabelle's fan club

Fan club

Hot cheetos

Do you wanna build a snowman?

birthday girl!

birthday swimming

14 years.  i love him more now than ever.  life is a crazy ride.  nothing is easy, but loving him is (most days)!  

he loves our bed.  he loves to snuggle with daddy and sometimes me.

got into nail polish.  

I pray these brothers will always have a close relationship and grow into strong, compassionate, moral, godly, fun, smart men!

April 2014

Edison Picnic - fun day, but it was cold!  Coo-coo and Papa and Nana and Papa joined us.  The kids bounced their little hearts out and ate 5 million sno-cones and 15,000 cotton candies.

my life

in daddy's shoes

Jog-a-thon.  Isabelle took them on several laps.

The kindergartners were the cutest at the jog-a-thon.  They ran all the way to the other end of the school yard instead of around the cones.   The teachers and parents had to go bring them back.  It was pretty funny!

climbing is in him.  there's no stopping him


she tried to climb the rope up.  not successful…yet.

over spring break, Chloe swallowed a penny.  Nothing like a trip to urgent care.  Thankfully she didn't choke or aspirate it.  Last year we had to take Isabelle to the ER, because she stuck her finger in a tiny hole on a toy and couldn't get it out.  They had to use the bone cutters on the plastic toy to get it off.  

new haircut.

trying out undies.  still not going well. 

he doesn't sit still often

5 little pieces of my heart just out there walking around.  Lord, help me.

She couldn't even form words, she was so excited.  She loved hunting for eggs

She's been waiting to wear this dress.  Forever.

There's an advantage to being tall…finding all the eggs we hid up high.

If you're not tall enough, then climb.

My love

This face.  I love it when she scrunches her nose.  She's done that since she's been a baby.

knocked out 

someone stole my phone to take pics