School starts tomorrow and I'm not ready, even though a part of me is ready for routine again.  I will miss our lazy mornings, time with friends and family, trips and swim days.
Daddy gets them donuts when mommy's away
Girls weekend in Palm Springs with Kaitlin and Alice
she doesn't nap much anymore. it's so sweet
this boy needs a nap
he pees all the time.  everywhere
fell asleep right before dinner
got into my make up.  did a pretty good job on the mascara
loves his daddy
she fell in while petting the sting rays and sharks at the zoo
at least she was cool
not amused, but I was.  I thought it was hilarious
it didn't even phase her.  she's fabulous.  watching the bird show
fun day with nana and papa
sea lion cove
the best shot I could get
Dash and Beau have definitely spent more time together this summer.  Dash loves to be included in Beau's activities.

 The lazy mornings are coming to and end.  Good-bye summer vacation, until next year!  

Hello, school and soccer. Bring it on, the Gendrons are ready!

July 2014

Busy.  Fun. Busy.

This month was FULL.  Overflowing actually.

We spent the day at The Island Waterpark.  We only lost Dash once.  It was so busy, it was the last day the kids could get in free.  I will never go on the last day of the Free Vouchers!  

4th of July.  Why isn't Emme looking?  


To say that Dash LOVED fireworks would be an understatement.  He keeps asking to go to Uncles to do fireworks.

watching the show

Emme wasn't so sure about some of the loud fireworks.

I was trying to take a photo of the boys, but Chloe jumped in.  She loves to photo bomb!

Me & Steph

Playing with fire

Beau and uncle

Daddy and Dash

me & Belle

Too much fun.  She fell asleep on the couch

love this photo.

They love to come in and snuggle with Joey in the morning.  They do not want me.  If he's gone when they come in, they are ticked!  

Thankfully, she'll snuggle with me in the morning!

I love her scrunched up nose

They finally got their own kindles.  They aren't super obsessed with them.  They still play with toys and each other!  

Mud>everything   This is his spot in the back yard. 

They found a lizard

Emme and Everly enjoying the beach in SD. 

taking a break from the waves

burying Dash

She loved the water

They were busy the entire time.

He only got sand in his eyes a few times. 

Everly CLEARLY loves me!  :)  I had so much fun snuggling her!

I spent Wednesday -Sunday in San Diego at my cousin's house and this is pretty much how it went every night.  Crying to go home.  All four of us slept together.  This was the least favorite part of my trip.

She's a California Girl

The beach suits us

Another California Girl

Me and Dash

My boys

She was in her happy place


catching up on sleep


climbing and jumping

Dash didn't want to join the group.  Uncle Shaun had to chase him down and make him stay in the pic!

Aerosports with cousins is so much fun.

Gendron Family Renunion.  My kids love Colette

Diving boards are the most fun

Add caption

Belle & Colette

ping pong

I love Joey's face in this one.  Joey and his siblings.

Auntie Deni and Dash

Blaise and Dash

3 sets of boy girl twins on the Gendron side of the family!

pool time with cousins is so much fun

Can you tell my girls love Colette?

Beau and Cole found their cousin's legos

Mud again.

It's about to get crazy

Love my girl

She was so cute copying him.  Love this pic

Dash likes dumping mud on other people, but doesn't appreciate it when they do it back.  

my boys

Kids love mud

Papa and the kids on National Ice Cream Day.

This girl loves to take funny photos.


everyone is getting in on it

daddy took her horseback riding and she fell off when the horse got spooked. We sat for hours in the ER and she was such a trooper.  She didn't complain.  She's got the best attitude and the highest pain tolerance.

Happy to be in a room!

They love hanging out with papa

Papa's boy!
It was so great to spend time with lots of family (on both sides) and friends.  The month was still filled with some of the not so fun stuff like appointments and the start of soccer meetings for me since I'm coaching Isabelle.  While I took all 5 kids to Sand Diego, Joey went on a guys trip to Arizona with my dad, brother, uncles, cousin, friends, etc.  It's grown into a big yearly thing.  It was a tough trip for me, but my sister drove up and down with me, so that helped a lot.  It was fun to have someone to talk to as well.  We did 2 beach days with my cousins and spent time in the neighborhood pool.  I feel so blessed to stay at home all year, but especially in the summer.  I get to hang out with my kids and enjoy the fun stuff as well as the lazy days at home.