June 2013

JUNE 2013

The babies turned 2!  Toddlers, I guess.  No.  Babies.  They are the babies.  It also happened to be the last day of school, so we spent the day swimming with friends.  We also made a quick trip over to the coast to hang out with friends who were camping.  It was going to be 111 degrees and we couldn't stand the thought of being here!  We also made a trip to San Diego for my cousin's baby shower.  We with with Adam, Steph & the girls.  We stayed near Sea World.  We had a day at the beach, a day at Sea World, another night at Sea World and lots of fun swimming at the hotel.

Belle & Dash

Belle, Beau & Dash

Em is super tired

Big brothers are the best

so are big sisters


Dash at Sea World 

Emme & her BFF Allie

Auntie Stephanie and Dash at the Shamu show at night

Shamu at night

Twins 2nd birthday celebration - girls



Best friends

they are done with pics

at the coast first time in the ocean

pretty chloe


playing in the sand

Chloe & Brook playing in SD