October 2015

Playing in their room

First trip to the dentist - she loved it!  

He also loved it and the hygienist let him "help" with the tools.  

Spent the morning getting a nail fixed in our tire and she picked up a hunting magazine.  She sat there and turned pages, looking at pictures.  It was pretty funny. And yes, she is wearing her PJ's.  She wears them out all the time, because why not.

Joey's 40th birthday.  We celebrated with dinner and coldstone cake.  

I love taking these pics with the kids, because the faces they make are hilarious!

We got a dog.  He's pretty cute.  The kids LOVE him.  He fits in perfectly to this wild bunch.  

Dog walking

Took Koda to our park

She loves to hang out in the front seat when we wait for the kids

homework outside is a must in beautiful weather

she's so serious.  she's a bit of a perfectionist and it's a good and bad thing.  she has beautiful handwriting.

jog-a-thon in the fall - I like it in the spring better, but the upside is that it's  over.  :)

working hard

a little sweaty, this one….

6th grade halloween party.  Emme had the best time with the big girls. 

She wore her costume everywhere.

Angel, Hawkeye, Elsa, Anna, Captain America


brook and emma…this was an amazing sunset

I LOVE that my kids can do their own projects.  I didn't help him one bit.

i love it when he snuggles

he's ALWAYS hungry

hitching a ride

busy soccer season

breakfast after church with coo-coo and papa

I can count on daily snuggles from her

first tooth is a goner

she cracks me up.  i love that she's girly, but still loves to climb and get dirty

coaching isabelle's team was so fun this year.  we had a great season.  i love her smile

when the weather is nice and warm, this is how you will find us.

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