September 2015

relaxing on their kindles

he looks like such a big boy now

Beau had a great soccer season. Lots of goals and lots of saves as the goalie.

My kids are so lucky that daddy loves to play with toys still

Our trip to Cabo San Lucas was redirected to Punta Cana because of Hurricane Odile.  Monday morning we woke up, made new plans, booked plans on Tuesday morning and left Tuesday Night.  It was very, very stressful, but worth it.  

I've never seen such white sand.  And its as so soft.  It was amazing!

Evening walk on the beach

When we thought its was just going to be the 3 of us couples, the Bruces and the Espinozas showed up the next day!

I wish I could go back to this view and being so relaxed

This was our view every morning at breakfast

shopping on the beach

The girls

Selfie - let's just say my hair hated the weather, but my skin loved it.  No lotion needed! 
On our way to snorkel - on the way back we got caught in the biggest storm.  We were in this little composite boat that was just a wee bit slow.  The rain was pelting down and hurt, there was lightning….it was so crazy!

First night there - group selfie

getting ready to say good bye

Our last morning there, we got a message from Joey's parents (who were watching the kids) for us to call them.  My stomach dropped.  I knew there was something wrong.  We found out that Chloe fell of the monkey bars and broke her elbow.  She had an appointment at the Children's hospital that day to find out if she needed surgery.  Since we were leaving the next day, it didn't make sense to change our flight, because we would have missed the surgery and recovery in the hospital.  My mama heart was really sad, but I knew she was in good hands.  About surgery time, we looked up and saw the most amazing rainbow… hadn't even rained.  I just knew it was a promise from God that everything would be fine.  Trust in Him.  Me being there or away was not going to change the outcome.  We were able to enjoy our last day, but we were very ready to get home.  

This sweet little thing never let the cast keep her down.  Running, jumping and skipping.  She tried to get back on the monkey bars the day the cast came off, but wasn't quite ready.  She's totally back at it.  I love that she's not afraid.  Such a great quality to have in life.  

We also came back and had to celebrate Beau's 10th birthday.  We had a great celebration with friends and family.  I really can't believe he's a decade old already. 

This little guy used to be shy and never wanted to be more than a few feet from mom or dad.  He's blossomed into a confident, funny, smart, persistent, thoughtful and sometimes sarcastic kid.  He may look more like I did when I was little, but his personality is a lot like dad's.  :)

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